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nOS is still on its early stage, but definitely has a serious potential. The ICO date and information about their token is still unclear and they don’t even have a whitepaper. But what they do have is a team of developers who know what to do and how to do it. The proof is the MVP already launched and ready to be used by other developers for their DApps. NEO platform as a basement is another plus. And don’t forget about serious hype.
A perspective project of a platform for DApps. We have seen lots of them, but nOS is a) NEO-based and b) has a working MVP right now.

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ICO Drops

16-Apr. nOS is a new TOP ICO. People compare it to Nebulas. They have great developers from the City of Zion.
24-Apr. Sergey: The high rating is due to the fact that it is an important part of the NEO ecosystem. NEO will promote this project as they do with APEX and Ontology.

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Ian Balina

I covered that briefly in my last live stream, I don't think token metrics are out yet so can't fully grade it, right, so that remains to be determined.

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Midgard Research

nOS has a lot of hype. Team members are from the City Of Zion and have a solid experience in creating working Dapps. However, in contrast to the widespread opinion, we don't think that the project can be compared to EOS or Elastos. The fact is that community misinterprets meaning “virtual operating system”: in case of nOS they create AppStore for decentralized applications. It is not about creating “new Internet”. The closest peer for NoS is Zippie (trading with a market cap around $10mln now)
We are waiting for more information and whitepaper release, but fundraising goal should be less than $20 mln for the project to have a chance on a higher rating.

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- Hard cap still to be declared. 
- Strong developer focused team - Founder and other senior team members are all developers at City of Zion. Project is backed by Da hongfei amongst others.
- Vital use case - The need every ICO/dapp having its own coin impacts future adoption particularly with the general public. nOS allows automatic conversion to allow seamless use of dapps through its "browser"/viewer
- MVP in existence - The nOS MVP Client is available on GitHub. Currently, developers can build nOS apps on their own NEO Privatenet. Soon, nOS will release its Testnet where users will be able to interact with nOS applications.

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Coin Bloq
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Shin Chan

Use Case: Virtual Operating System for a new, transparent internet.

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Strength and Opportunities:
City of Zion developers are usually very well integrated into the NEO development community. This is also the case for nOS. nOS was able to win Neo Global Capital as an investor and to animate several NEO ecosystem developers to build dApps that run on the nOS testnet. Besides, nOS enjoys a large following on social media, mostly also through the close links with the NEO community. This shows that nOS is able to leverage the NEO ecosystem and this will also very likely be the case during the public token sale. Users of dApps that run on nOS are able to review how their data is used in smart contracts before using any of the dApps. This is a substantial improvement in terms of user privacy compared to current non-decentralized applications.
Weaknesses and Threats:
It sometimes feels that ICOs like nOS or NEX are a way to financially reward City of Zion developers that have served the NEO ecosystem. The question is whether it was necessary to create a new token for nOS or if the same functionality could have also been achieved using the NEO or Gas token.
If you are a believer in the NEO ecosystem, nOS may be a very good opportunity for an ICO investment. nOS counts with the support of the NEO community and is already very advanced at the stage of the public token sale

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Crypto Calibur

nOS tackles a very dedicated sector that aims to foster adoption to the dApp industry, by developing a user-friendly gateway and marketplace where users can access and promote applications in a decentralized manner. While the dApp adoption phase is only in its initial stages, nOS aims to stay ahead of the competition by creating an ecosystem to host the applications developed on NEO. This can be leveraged especially with the team’s CoZ connections, as most of the NEO Development is focused around this community. Thus, an opportunity arises for the nOS platform to gather traction along with the newer NEO projects, by engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship of promoting the adoption of their respective platforms.
 However, there are certain areas of concern regarding the lack of a long-term approach and a business plan, as there is no focus on how the adoption of the platform will occur. There is also a certain dependence of the platform on the NEO blockchain and with the CoZ, which might serve as a double edge sword, being both an advantage and a possible weakness, as failure of the NEO ecosystem will also translate in the fall of nOS as a platform. The team is also very small compared with the vision of the project, especially in areas concerning business and legal aspects.
  We feel that nOS has a unique approach and targets a very under tapped area, with a lot of possible use cases that will offer an edge into the adoption game to the NEO ecosystem. Nonetheless there is a lot of competition that the project meets when split on the key areas, as many projects aim to create a dApp gateways, a decentralized file storage and domain name service and a browser to access the decentralized Internet, all with different stages of development. This raises some concerns, as we feel that the team focus is split between too many features, creating possible failure points and a possible dissimilar platform.

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