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The starting point of a road to the Metaverse of the future. Today's project of the future metaverse universe with NFT Marketplace and payment platforms.
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О проекте XR COIN

Crypto-based payment solutions work differently from credit cards or other online payment systems. Instead of the existing system, which is based on the approval of the card or account holder and then the buyer withdraws the money, it works by confirming the transaction via DAPPS and sending it directly to the buyer's wallet.

This payment solution, which we have developed as a secure shopping protocol, will be used both as a valid payment method in both the e-Commerce module and METAVERSE. In addition to being a single payment and payment module that can be used within METAVERSE, it will also be possible to make/receive payments via API systems and 3rd party channels and websites via DAPPS. Taxes or commissions of this payment system will be distributed to XR investors as shares and/or liquidation, allowing investors to provide a permanent shake-out of earnings.

XR COIN Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Concept
    Concept Generation
    Team Assemble
    Private API Development
  • Phase 2

  • Research
    Proving the concept can work
    Strategic Plan
  • Phase 3

  • Design Plan
    Platform design and technical demonstration
    Building the MVP
  • Phase 4

  • Product Developments Plans
    Payment Network Development
    NFT Marketplace Development
    NFT Collection designs
    DEFI Games Development
    Network Developments
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  • Phase 5

  • Ads & Community Acquisition
    Creating Social Profiles
    Advertisements and Information
    Twitter & Telegram
  • Phase 6

  • Game Developments
    GameFi Development
    Open beta launched to public and improvement the app
  • Phase 7

  • Metaverse Developments
    Space Design and Development
    Content Pool Development
    Object Literature Development
    Media Library Programming
    Land and Parceling
    3D & VR Development
    Maintaining the Necessary Environment Preparation Process
  • Phase 8

  • Smart Contract Developments
    Token support for BSC, FANTOM and POLYGON
    Bridging Support
    CrossChain Integration
  • Phase 9

  • Combine Products
    XR COIN Payment network (for token) integration
    Integration of the payment system into NFT Market
    Integrating NFTs into Other products
  • Phase 10

  • Advertising and Community
    Influencer marketing push agreement
    15+k followers in Twitter
    15+K members in Telegram group
    XR COIN AirDrop Campaigns
    NFT Collection AirDrop Campaigns
    Matevarse Gift/AirDrop Campaigns
  • Phase 11

  • Startup
    Token Contract Announced
    Whitepaper Announcement
    Whitelist Start
    Start of Pre-Sales
    Influencer marketing push agreement for AirDrop (Youtube, Twitter, Telegram & CoinMarketCap Airdrop (Exception))
    Stage 2 Pre-Sale (unless Soft Cap is reached in stage 1)
    Influencer marketing push agreement (Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, Telegram and more)
  • Phase 12

  • Coin Launch
    Pancakeswap v2 liquidity for XR COIN
    Influencer marketing push agreement (Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, Telegram and more)
    Poocoin banner ads about Rebranding
    Listing on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap
    Target: Min 2K holders
    AirDrop Rewards begin to be distributed
  • Phase 13

  • DEFI Game Launch
    Launch of GameFi
    Play-Win launched
    Winning Tournaments Started
    Ticket launch
    Raffle Launch Both paid and free
  • Phase 14

  • NFT MarketPlace Launch
    NFT Marketplace published
    NFT Rewards Distribution
    All E-commerce modules development
    NFT Sell/Buy Launch
    NFT Collection Campaigns
  • Phase 15

  • Payment System Launch
    Current Currency
    DAPPS payment system
    Private API
    E-Commerce Module
  • Phase 16

  • New Swap Support
    Uniswap Liquidity for ETHEREUM
    Spooky Liquidity for FANTOM
    QuickSwap Liquidity for Polygon
    Sushi Swap Liquidity
    Dodo Swap Liquidity Both paid and free
    1Inch Swap Liquidity
    ApeSwap Liquidity
  • Phase 17

  • New BlockChain & CrossChain Support
    Avalanche (Avax) Network Support
    Moonriver Network Support
    Harmony Network Support
    Celo Network Support
    HECO Network Support
    Cronos Network Support
    General Bridge & CrossChain Integration
  • Phase 18

  • Exchange Agreements
    Ethereum Support
    Ethereum Bridge
    Negotiations for Stock Market Deals
    P2PB2B Listing
    CoinBase Listing
    CoinTiger Listing
    Bitmart Listing
    Lbank Listing
    Stack Startup
  • Phase 19

    Advertising and Affiliate Agreements
    Setting up NFTs
    Payment network integration for Metaverse
    Free Campaign Events
    Free AirDrop Rewards for Community
    Distribution of AirDrop Rewards
  • Phase 20

  • Integrations within the Metaverse
    Use of NFTs in the Metaverse
    Possibility to sell in Metaverse
    360° VR Support
    External Hardware Support
  • Phase 21

  • Transition to Virtual Life
    In the Metaverse, life begins
    The settlements are used
    Commercial activities started
    Mall and Store activities
    Cafeterias Started to Work
  • Phase 22

  • -


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