Will Smack

Will Smack

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1st project that comes with SUPER BUYBACK & HYPER BURN
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О проекте Will Smack

It’s time for the real deal! We can finally smack the face of those who have been looking down on us when we said that making investment into crypto is the right move.

Just like most of you, we were not doing well before, we have tried our luck in crypto investment since 2016, there are ups and downs, there are crypto winters, and then finally we have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and made great fortune thanks to our diamond hands.

We have been thinking that why don’t we do something that really helps the community, to help those that are still struggling, since we have attained financial freedom now, perhaps we could create a project that offer real wealth to the community that believes in it.

Then came the Will Smith smacking Chris Rock incident, we then have the idea to create a real meme token that comes with the goal to smack those who has been looking down on us, to show them that we have made the right choice to invest into cryptocurrency!




So here is the plan, first we will conduct a presale for $SMACK, as founders our plan is to donate our own fund into the DAO to match the presale value, the DAO fund will end up double the size of the presale value.

Why doing so? Because most of the meme project has failed due to lack of funding, while donating 50-100 BNB won’t hurt us much (thanks to our perseverance in crypto space since 2016), this will definitely help the project to stay green for medium to long term.

For example, if the presale concluded with 100 BNB, then we shall commit an additional 100 BNB to the DAO for the Super Buyback strategy.

Once $SMACK has been listed in the DEX, our Super Buyback will be initiated to pump the value of the token, even in the worst case scenario that all 100% of the presale participants are to sell their token, the value of the $SMACK will always stay above the previous pricing thanks to the founding members funding that sustain the buyback operation.

With the Super Buyback + Hyper Burn + the auto yield up to 14,600% APY in USDT & auto add liquidity feature, $SMACK will eventually beat most of the meme project & rise to be among the top project!


Our Super Buyback bot will always initiate a buyback whenever there is profit-taking from the addresses of presale participants.
Whenever there is a sell-off, liquidity will be reduced, the buyback bot will initiate the same amount of buyback to increase the price of $SMACK, this strategy works hand in hand with Hyper Burn mechanism for maximum synergy.

Hyper Burn is a deflationary mechanism that burns pooled LP tokens without reducing the quantity of tokens on holders hand, it is similar to rebase but without the rebase setback.
Whenever Hyper Burn is initiated, the next purchase will have a higher impact on the floor price. In normal circumstances, a $1,000 purchase would increase the price by 1%, but with Hyper Burn initiated, the same amount of $1,000 purchase may increase the price by 3-5%, ensuring $SMACK always stay above the previous pricing.

USDT APY UP TO 14,600%?
$SMACK holders can receive up to 14,600% APY in USDT rewards based on every transactions happened. The calculation is based on daily volume of $160k.

Will Smack Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Presale on DXsale
    Airdrop & Meme Contest
    Major news coverage
    Listing on Pancakeswap
    Listing on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko
    Initiate Super Buyback & Hyper Burn
  • Phase 2

  • DAO implementation
    Engage KOLs & Influencers
    Strategic partnership with other projects
    Listing on CEX
  • Phase 3

  • NFT development
    Global marketing push
    Team Recruitment & Expansion
    $Smack V2


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