Void Protocol

Void Protocol

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Void protocol gives users control over financial anonymity, as an opt-in financial privacy service. By depositing fixed amounts into the contract, waiting, then withdrawing to a brand new wallet, funds will be untraceable back to the original wallet. ‌
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О проекте Void Protocol

For a network to be truly decentralized, it is of utmost importance that users have full autonomy over their funds. This includes the option of anonymity. Void Protocol gives users control over financial anonymity, as an opt-in financial privacy service. By depositing fixed amounts into the contract, waiting, then withdrawing to a brand-new wallet, funds will be untraceable back to the original wallet.

Void Protocol will operate in a completely decentralized manner, this offers major benefits in terms of security, transparency and peace of mind for the users. In time the protocol will operate under full control of the Void DAO.

Core Drives:

Privacy Since privacy is not the default on the majority of blockchains, the rapidly-expanding world of Defi must have privacy solutions for those who decide to opt-in to financial privacy. Void Protocol’s main focus will always be to provide this solution and to ensure that every step is taken to offer maximum privacy to the user.   Decentralization We firmly believe in the future of decentralization; it offers many advantages to the future and longevity of Void Protocol. It also empowers the users of the protocol to take part and have a say. This also means all steps will be taken where possible to take the decentralized approach, including open source and full DAO implementation.   Opportunity Cost One drawback of the anonymity pool approach is that in order to achieve reliable anonymity, you must wait some time for other deposits and withdrawals to occur after your deposit has entered the pool. This means users opting for privacy may have to wait weeks or even months depending on TVL (Total Value Locked), a key focus of the protocol is to ensure capital in the pool remains productive while this process occurs.   Interoperability The entire Terra ecosystem is full of brilliant people building amazing projects, all with like-minded goals of growing UST adoption and Terra use. Through the IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol), the number of accessible projects on the Terra Blockchain is growing rapidly. It's easy to see the value of what is growing and Void Protocol plans to make it as easy as possible for integration and collaboration.

Void Protocol Roadmap

  • Sep/Oct 2021

  • Idea + Litepaper go live
    Brand design/assets created
    Team constructed and development begins
  • Nov 2021

  • Valued early investors + funding secured
    Base platform UI built
    Secure valued advisors
    Staking, Swap and Void Anonymity Pools base smart contracts
  • Dec 2021

  • Void token rewards + token structure complete
    Full development focusing on ZK-Snarks + Merkle tree logic
  • Jan 2022

  • Gas relay system
    Merkle tree logic complete
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  • Feb 2022

  • Website launch
    ZK library complete
    Void airdrop logic
    Whale prevention formula
  • Mar 2022

  • ZK library audit
    Webapp frontend + backend integration
    Void live on test net
  • Apr 2022

  • All contracts complete
    Begin auditing process
  • May 2022

  • Complete audits
    Final frontend integrations
  • June 2022

  • Begin Phase 2
  • July 2022

  • Secure/Work on integrations
    Platform rewards go live
  • August 2022

  • Begin implementation of DAO


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