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Vid - это приложение для ведения журнала искусственного интеллекта, которое позволяет вам помнить свою жизнь и монетизировать свои воспоминания.
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О проекте VID

Vid is on a mission to create a fair and trustworthy social media company. We want people to be able to express their creativity, remember special moments of their life, build communities around shared interests and connect with their friends and family - all while being compensated for the value they provide to the platform.

We believe that social media platforms are nothing without their community. That’s why we share the value of Vid with our users and that’s also why the protection of our community, the safety of our users and the integrity of our platform is so important to us.

Our community consists of people from many diverse cultures and belief systems. We take into consideration the individual expectations, cultural norms and local regulations of people all around the world when deciding on the most appropriate guidelines for our community.

We have created these Community Guidelines to ensure that Vid remains a safe place for all who gather here. These guidelines apply to all content and interactions on Vid. We ask that you respect these guidelines and help us to uphold them. If you believe a profile, post or anything else on Vid is in violation of our community guidelines, you may report it within the Vid app.

Flagged content will be reviewed based on context, intention, commentary, and focus as well as other information such as account history.

Violations to the Community Guidelines may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, user bans or other restrictions. If a violation to community guidelines is breaking a law, we may report it to local authorities when necessary. We consider every violation on a case-by-case basis. We take into account many factors when deciding how to handle a violation, such as the severity and impact of the violation, as well as other previous violations. We do this to ensure our community guidelines are applied consistently, fairly and appropriately across the platform.

We recognize that some newsworthy, educational, artistic, or historical content, or content that raises awareness of important issues, may violate our Community Guidelines, yet still be valuable to the community. Therefore, in some instances, we may not take action against this type of content.

Vid may update these Community Guidelines at any time to meet the changing needs of our community, diminish risks and ensure that Vid remains a safe place for everyone.

We believe VI - Value Income is a viable alternative to UBI.

VI is the value created by users, redistributed to users as an additional form of income. The value is generated by a user’s usage of a business.

Users create enormous value in user centric or C2C businesses, but none of this returns to them. Every time a user opens Facebook, searches with Google or watches a video on Youtube they create value for that platform. Other than free access to the service what does this user receive for the value they have created? Nothing. These companies have a combined value of trillions of dollars, but they have zero value without their users.

The power and value is with the users. With the Value Income Model, users have the power to earn income based on the value they created with their usage.

VID Roadmap

  • January 2017

  • Vid’s Founders invest $1.5mil into Vid.
  • February 2017

  • Vid development begins.
  • February 2019

  • Product 80% complete.
  • March 2019

  • Vid selects Eos Blockchain after meetings with most major chains.
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  • June 2019

  • Product Beta testing.
  • Q3 2019

  • Launch of Vid on Apple app Store.
  • Q4 2019

  • Launch of Vid on Android opp Store.
  • End 2019

  • Launch of Vid Web version.


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Antek Baranski
Andy Deemer
Product and Marketing
Rebecca Jones
Product and Marketing
Rohan Bisariya
Data Science and Growth
Jag Singh
Josh Singh
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VID Обзоры

Midgard Research

❗️New project on the Radar!
@Vid_app is a privacy-focused AI video journal app that allows people to store and monetize their memories.
Basically, it's a Dapp that allows people to store their media in a secure way using blockchain and sell to counterparties the content (Big Data) collected. The project has a clear and working business model because there are enough non-blockchain apps that do the same stuff for years. Blockchain provides Vid with the advantage of blockchain technology: security, transparency, traceability.
The team consists of 10 experienced members. Co-founders founded a niche fuel company with an over $30M in annual revenue. Moreover, they have already invested nearly $1.5m of their own capital into the development of the Vid platform. The developers have enough experienc, most of them acted as founders or worked on key positions for different start-ups, leading tech companies.
The project had a Live app test launch in 2018 with 30,000 users registered within a few weeks.
VID will issue ERC20 tokens that will be swapped with VID EOSIO tokens after the public launch of the platform.
In addition to IEO, Vid is planning to sell 1 million tokens per day for the period of 5 years. 
Vid will conduct an IEO on Bitforex TURBO Exchange on 22nd of May.
The IEO Hardcap: $500,000 
After Vid’s IEO the market cap of the circulating supply at a token price of $0.02 will be just $1.2m due to the limited token supply
Disclaimer: #MP hashtag stands for Media Partner and acts as a reminder that CryptoDiffer team may be invested in digital assets that are mentioned in this post or may be compensated for the content creation. Nothing in our channel constitutes or should be relied on as investment advice or financial advice of any kind.

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