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No more staking and farming. Buy, hold and see your balance grow.
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Dev/Team tokens: None
Transaction fee: 4%
► 2% is proportionally divided among holders
► 2% is used to add liquidity
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О проекте VAULTZ

Entire balance farmed automatically

First 2% of each transaction goes to all holders. Just buy and watch your balance grow. Sell your yield or balance anytime, no locks. The percentage of fees distributed to you depends on the proportion of VAULTZ you own. This generates higher yield than other similar concepts while keeping transaction fees small and supply constant. 


Deflationary thanks to growing black hole

One of holders is the black hole address (0x000...dEaD). Since this holder can never sell and gets part of fees it grows unstoppably over time making circulating supply  deflationary.


Utilizing Ethereum, BSC and Expanse chains

Two independent tokens with the same tokenomics and features are in circulation on different chains: VAULTZ on Ethereum and EVLTZ on Expanse. Third token runs on BSC and has additional features from AutoBurn: burning supply, daily price & yield boost, feeless wallet to wallet transfers. Enjoy near zero gas fees on Expanse and BSC chains! 


Auto growing liquidity available forever and locked forever

Second 2% from every transaction is added into liquidity pool. LP tokens minted from fees are held by the burn address and are thus never removable. 100% Uniswap liquidity of VAULTZ is locked forever since Mar 19. Pancakeswap liquidity of ABY is locked for 10 years in the presale contract.
See LP distribution on Etherscan


Contract fully decentralized and independent

VAULTZ contract is complete on launch and contract ownership has been fully renounced. There is no dev or team to control VAULTZ or to be relied on to give VAULTZ its value. This project is locked on deployment and can't change. There are no more features to add.

VAULTZ contract distributes fees automatically. With VAULTZ, there are no vault contracts that could be misused. Only the free market on all supply determines VAULTZ price.

See contract code on Etherscan



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Рост за 30 дней:

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$ 64.108 K
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7.777 K VAULTZ
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