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Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert

DIW TOKEN is a digital identification wallet that enables registered account holders to securely  and access sensitive  encrypted data utilizing the power of block chain


  • The digital contract based escrows hives the DIW holders to access network  anonymously  gaining access to a secure vault where they are able to securely store their entire virtual life data and other sensitive documents like passports, electronic health records and login details
  • The platform transaction is carried with full transparency  enabling the users to see each others real  life performance in the form of rating score
  • There is effiecient,swift and cost effective transactions as  all the transactions are based on KYC and KYS requirements  which is only applicable to valid members
  • The users have complete freedom to transact via any currency digital or fiat
  • Easy data transfer via digital identification wallet. The transfer is effected  easily via the DIW platform where the users set their own rules  which are automatically enforced once accepted by the recipient for easy transfers
  • The platform enables the users to store a large amount of personal data  through the use of the token and any users who provide any storage space within the platform are rewarded
  • The platform enables the users to access support  provide by a  large global community


  • Missing team in the whitepaper
  • The platform milestone is not clearly highlighted for overall achievement of the project
  • The platform token use doesn’t enable the users access more incentives


  • Include the involved team in the whitepaper
  • The token use should be tested at  pre-sale stage for a clear milestone of its use
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Although DIW is another blockchain security company, they do have an edge. By allowing you to store digital documents in a secure vault, they’re trying to reach out to individuals who may not normally use the blockchain. According to their roadmap, they’re set to launch in Europe in late 2018, so they may be able to achieve even more success over there.

Secure: DIW wants to keep all of your personal data secure and inaccessible by hackers and third parties.
Innovative Product: Although they do provide a wallet, it’s not their main focus. They have a useful product that they’re promoting.
Effortless Transition: Eventually, DIW wallet wants to provide a way for users to easily be able to transfer their cryptocurrency funds into fiat.

No Product: They still have no official prototype that they’ve released yet, so there isn’t much to review other than the concept itself.
Sizing Issues: With so many other companies that are focused on providing blockchain security, are they going to be able to garner the popularity that they need?

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Strengths: Pre-ICO ended successfully; very detailed financial projections and representation of revenue streams; extensive competitor analysis; very thorough description of the project and an idea behind it; solid team.

Weaknesses: no marketing plan.

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DIW is the company to go to, if the investor has more than just their fiat currency that they want to protect. With different ways to safeguard each piece of information and each token, consumers can get the preservation that they need with online and POS interactions, even if they want to preserve medical records.

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Built on Ethereum blockchain (similar to XYO, Upline, DenCity, BitRewards, COTI, BeEasy, Ice Rock Mining, SmartGenie) technology and smart contracts, this platform will introduce the highest levels of safety and security of the stored data such as personal identification documents, financial documentation, login details, health care record, wills, and other much private and sensitive data. Put simply, DIW token is the future of ways in which people will exchange, store and transfer private and sensitive data around the world—and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining the sale of DIW ICO token.

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In our opinion, the DIW project is interesting. It cannot be called ultra-innovative, because all elements and technologies of the solution have been presented in other projects earlier in one form or another. Anyway, DIW is a convenient constructing system providing blocks to be used to quickly assemble application systems in various fields. The first example is Healthcare with such features as storing the patient’s data in a safe (distributed) form, sharing information with a doctor, controlling access and usage of sensitive patient information, and monetary settlements between the parties.
At the moment the project is at the very beginning stage. The system prototype is not yet available and this fact has somewhat affected our rating to the project.
The Alpha version is scheduled for Q3 2018, the public launch – for Q4 2018. We wish the project a successful start and will follow its development.
DIW is an encrypted, secure and private decentralized platform for personal information such as identification documents, passwords, credit cards, bank details, and other sensitive information.

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