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A blockchain network that can be integrated into any of the world's idle CPUs
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О проекте UENC

UENC is a highly efficient, energy-saving decentralized public chain system. With its DPOW consensus algorithm, it features a low-power CPU working mode in which each node has complete functionality on the network with decreased algorithmic costs. While ensuring security, the complexity of the algorithm is reduced, and fast and highly concurrent payment transactions on the chain are realized. Right now any available computer can participate in the construction of the network infrastructure. The multi-language smart contract WASM supported by UENC allows developers to enter the development of DAPP more easily. UENC will use cross-chain technology to enable more high-energy-consuming encrypted assets to circulate quickly on the chain at a lower cost through the UENC network. It will also be easier for enterprises or individuals to use encrypted tokens to complete the development of the DAO under smart contracts.

Low energy consumption and high level of efficiency We use more effective algorithms to achieve rapid circulation on low-cost chains. The DPOW consensus mechanism expedites block generation and verification. We also optimize BTC’s UTXO technology and use zero-knowledge proof algorithms to address the current issues of high energy consumption and low levels of efficiency.


Block structure UENC can feature more blocks at the same height. The block with the earliest timestamp at each height becomes the basis for the growth of the best chain, so that its availability and concurrency can be fully guaranteed. DPOW consensus algorithm UENC has a dynamic and randomly changing verification pool. When each block is generated, it will use a discrete random number algorithm to linearly select nodes that meet the conditions to verify the block. The selection process, which does not generate any competition, is fair and random Hybrid mesh network UENC network is a free and open network. Any public network or intranet node can join. The necessary node information is stored in the K-bucket, and the connection between them is constantly changing. When the pulse stops, it will temporarily leave the network until a surviving node is found. WASM Scalable smart contracts will continue to be used over the long term. They are appealing to developers and make it easier for users to master the features.


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