Terminal Finance

Terminal Finance

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Inexpensive, fast and secure payment platform for crypto users
15 июн. 2021 г.
15 авг. 2021 г.
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О проекте Terminal Finance

What is Terminal Finance?

We are building what we believe to be, the fastest, most complete, secure ecosystem for crypto users.

Our mission is to provide an enterprise-grade, inexpensive, fast, quality payment platform for end users and businesses. We provide transfers, cash withdrawals, and shopping opportunities, all in one place for, crypto users. While providing these opportunities, we attach great importance to our carbon footprint! (please view our white paper)

Our team creates a secure, efficient, easy-to-use smart wallet that offers transfers, shopping, and security solutions for crypto users.

Our goal is to integrate with the central, and decentralized cryptocurrency world within the blockchain ecosystem, so that payment systems become truly transparent, confidential, and efficient.

Why Choose Terminal Finance?

By creating blockchain-based solutions for the transfer problems of crypto users, we bring physical uses to the fore.


Safe, Fast, Inexpensive Transfer

Our Smart Wallet protects, and encrypts the information, and funds, of our customers and businesses. You can transfer currency to the other side of the world, in seconds for a very low fee.


Multiple Support

You can make purchases with the Terminal Finance Smart Wallet at local businesses, and international chains, in countries within our operational network. You can make all online payments that support VISA and MasterCard with the TERM virtual debit card, and make transfers to banks of the countries within our operational network.


Smart Wallet

With our smart contract, our Smart Wallet, allows end users to transfer funds with low commission fees, and makes it a preferred choice for businesses, for its easy management, and daily payment benefits.


We created our Smart Wallet with a user-friendly interface, with all the needs of e-commerce, local businesses, and end users


Single Platform:

We provide a single platform to easily complete all your transactions in one place.

You can receive physical, or online payments from your customers; make payments anywhere that accepts our VISA/MasterCard virtual debit card; withdraw money from ATMs in the countries within our operational market; shop from local businesses and international chains; exchange coins or tokens to transfer into dollars, euros, or your country's currency to deposit into local bank accounts.



Your identity information and personal data are stored safely under our protection.

We do not ask for your credentials to register on the platform, or for the transactions you make. We only keep your name and e-mail address as personal data. In this way, you can freely shop confidentially, and securely. Your transactions on the blockchain are unlimited, but your cash transaction limits may change according to the legal regulations of the countries where we operate. These limits may increase if you wish, according to the legal procedures of your country.


Low Fees:

We serve with low commission and transfer fees within a single platform.

This is the biggest difference that sets us apart from others. We offer fast service to local businesses, and end users, with low commissions and transfer fees. Our goal is for end users to shop freely, regardless of whether they are spending a lot, or a little.


World Wide Transfer:

We can provide your transfer and payment transactions in three different ways.

Using our Smart Wallet, you can shop from all online payment platforms, exchange popular coins and tokens we support, send and receive money to the bank accounts of the countries in which we operate, and send your currency or tokens to any other platform. For more detailed information, please check our FAQ section and white paper.


Various Transfer Solutions

With the Terminal Finance smart wallet, you can instantly exchange your TERM tokens, popular coins, or any other tokens we support, into any local currency within our operational network, and use it with low commission fees, to shop at local businesses, national and international chains, online shopping, and inter-wallet transfers.


Solving the Problems of Business Enterprises

With its integrated POS software, Terminal Finance acts as a terminal between customers and businesses, by bringing payment and commission solutions to local businesses, and e-commerce platforms.

We believe that we will increase competition in the market by enabling small, local businesses to easily sell with low commission. Thus, affordable and quality products will be able to reach the end user more easily.


Privacy and Security of Your Data

Terminal Finance does not store your identity data. You can freely use all ATMs in countries in our operational network (subject to withdrawal and deposit limits specified by legal regulations of that country), and you can join our system with just your e-mail address. Are the withdrawal limits insufficient for you? If you wish, you can request a withdrawal limit increase after identity confirmation (subject to withdrawal limits specified by legal regulations of your country of residence).

The reason we begin with low withdrawal limits is to allow you to shop freely, while also protecting data privacy, and prevent anti-money laundering. Remember though, your blockchain transactions through our smart wallet will be unlimited! (You may review the details on our FAQ page)


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