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TACO is this summer’s tastiest defi token. It’s a social experiment, crypto game, and meme machine rolled into one. It’s the future of fair distribution and the most fun you can have with ERC20s, and NFT Farming.
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О проекте TACO

Spice your TACO

Every good TACO must have a good SALSA on top of it.
Get your SALSA by providing liquidity in our balancer pool.

Steak TACO and SALSA

Start staking your TACOs and your SALSA in Tacoshi's Farm and Tacoshi's Rabbit Hole to capture those amazin NFT Cards.

Taco Fiesta

Stay tuned for the next iterations of our project!
🎨 Upcoming Artists' drops and TACO inspired Art.
👀 A revolutionary game "Tacoshi's Quest".



What makes the $TACO so deliciously tasty?

🐋 Fair

No pre-sale discount, no whales.

🤚 Fixed

No new $TACO can be minted.

🔥 Deflationary

$TACO has a deflationary mechanism.

🌮 Taco inspired

Artist's inspired by TACO will be dropping art to the farm.

⚙️ Verifiable

Smart contracts can be audited.

🔑 Locked

Liquidity is locked in the $TACO Uniswap pool.

2. What’s the point of the game?

Players stake their TACO in the NFT Farming Pools to claim their ownership of the unique NFT Cards created in our pool. Those cards will be used in the future for a game. You can be a part of defining that game!

3. How do I play?

Click Taco in the top menu to purchase your TACO with out partner Matcha.

Click Salsa in the top menu to make your SALSA by providing liquidity in our official Balancer Pool.

Click Rabbit's Hole in the top menu to stake your SALSA, with our partner Unifty, to start earning points and redeem them for Rare and Legendary NFT Cards.

Click Farm in the top menu to stake your TACO, with our partner Unifty, to start earning points and redeem them for Common and Regular NFT Cards.

4. How can I trust you?

You don't have to trust anyone. Our contracts remove any need to trust a third party and will be available for your audit.

5. Who audited the TACO smart contract?

The smart contract has been rigorously checked by an experienced Solidity engineer. It has not been officially audited, however, and we would encourage taqueros to inspect the TACO smart contract for themselves before playing.

6. Is the token on Etherscan yet?

Yes! TACO is now on Etherscan. Review the contract here https://etherscan.io/token/0x00d1793d7c3aae506257ba985b34c76aaf642557

7. Who’s behind the project?

TACO was created by a group of taco lovers and crypto connoisseurs. We like our tacos served crunchy and our tokens shared fairly.


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