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Fully Explorable Metaverse + Gamified Platform + Creation Lab for NFTs.
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О проекте StarryNift

StarryNift is the first integrated metaverse, gamified platform and one-stop-shop that provides creation, incubation, auction, and transaction for NFT collectibles. The mission is to empower creativity by technology and democratize value appreciation by crypto as DAO. Our vision is to unlock new ways for creators, collectors, and investors to explore the metaverse of Game+Art+Defi+NFT ingredients.

By cooperating with emerging artists and studios to output limited edition art pieces or combine the trendy elements to make derivative works, StarryNift offers creators, collectors, and investors more creative assets and facilitates the NFT circulation. We can provide the community with new technical tools:

  • To adapt the content and automatically form it to a variety of styles such as 3D, Meme pixel, cyberpunk metaverse, and so on;
  • To evaluate the top popular elements through big data and algorithms, thus enhance the delivery accuracy of the creation;
  • To enable multiple artists to collaborate and mash up incredibly creative and highly original NFT artworks
  • To optimize the artwork with temporal evolution and peripheral enrichments such as continuous edits, pseudorandom AI filters, programmable layers, annotations, timelapse montages, and massive interaction.


Rarity increasing: The pseudorandom AI filters maximize the aesthetic scarcity of the NFTs, these exceptional collectibles of high value can be unpacked from the blind boxes, users can enjoy the appreciation, trading and staking profit of them;

Value anchcoring: All NFT collectibles’ rarity is divided into three levels; mathematical expectations shown to the public, verifiable open-source code, smart contract one-click repurchase, and market circulation will help the platform to achieve price anchoring;

Playability enhancing: Limited hidden cards from the blind boxes will be embedded as the trump or mysterious equipment in the future card game;

Art Collectivity: Through the invitation system and INO launchpad, we can discover and incubate upcoming artists and studios to create joint NFT collectible series; and we will synchronize more NFT trading platforms to increase the brand exposure and market circulation.

StarryNift Roadmap

  • 2022 Q1

  • VR Integration (NOW LIVE)
    3D Gallery coupled with Immersive Performance (NOW LIVE)
  • 2022 Q2

  • Launch Marketplace & Spaceship Game (NOW LIVE)
    Launch 3D Metaverse (Beta) (NOW LIVE)
  • 2022 Q3

  • Co-creation Platform
    Incubate IP x IP Studio
    Build and Develop INO Launchpad
    Develop 3D Metaverse with SDK tools
  • 2022 Q4

  • Develop Open Engine
    Aggregate Data & Ranking
    Sidechain & Mobile Applications
  • Прочитайте больше
  • 2023 Q1

  • Change the World
    Enjoy the Metaverse
    "Play to Remember"


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