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Starmoon Token

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Venturing to create the healthiest meme economy on the Binance Smart Chain, the STARMOON TOKEN team presents the latest and greatest moon-related meme piece
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О проекте Starmoon Token

ONLINE CASINO is an online casino that plays only with fiat cryptocurrencies. We focus on three core values: fun, speed and fairness. Our staff is always working hard to create something unique for sports fans and crypto users.




Our online casino and betting platform is exclusively based on the crypto-currencies fiat and stablecoin. This gives players maximum security that their cryptos are not inflated. Simply hold stablecoin, then connect your wallet to the website and you can play to win. You can withdraw your winnings at any time via our decentralized platform.




Try to win the jackpot!

A jackpot of several hundred crypto-currencies is up for grabs every week on Starmoon. All you need to do is play the games and collect as many tickets as possible to try your luck. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning the Jackpot.



We invested a lot of money in marketing activities and cooperate a lot with designers, copywriters, marketers, and influencers to make this project attractive and arouse interest in the community.​


Our community means everything to us and we want to build the future together. All important decisions in our world will be made by joint voting.​


The goal we will achieve together is to build the largest online crypto casino of the DeFi. All $STM token holders will be able to play hundreds of fun money games, win cryptocurrencies and grow their wallets.


We are going to organize a big face to face seminar in Dubai. We will share the development plans, incredible ideas and future vision of the project and everything will be broadcast live on the website.

Starmoon Token Roadmap

  • March 2022 PHASE 1

  • Recruiting the E-degin operation manager and ENG Teams leaders
    ☑ Website launch
    ☑ Moonpaper Release
    ☑ Audit by Inter-Fi
    ☑ Marketing & AMA FR/ENG
    ☑ Reach 2500 Telegram members FR
    ☑ Reach 5000 Telegram members ENG
    ☑ Creation of STARMOON tokens
  • April 2022 PHASE 2

  • Sports Betting website beta version
    ☑ Pre-sale on Pinksale : STARMOON Token & NFT
    ▢ Marketing US/FR of STARMOON Token
    ▢ Listing on Pancakeswap
    ▢ Launch of STARMOON SWAP
    ▢ Official launch of sports betting website
  • May 2022 PHASE 3

  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
    ▢ Listing on Coingecko
    ▢ NFTs distribution
    ▢ Sports betting website marketing on TWICH
    ▢ Sports betting website marketing on Youtube
    ▢ Reach 4500 members of telegram FR
    ▢ Reach 10 000 telegram members ENG
  • June 2022 PHASE 4

  • ▢ Official launch of the CASINO STARMOON
    ▢ Online CASINO Marketing
    ▢ Marketing the sports betting site on various platforms
    ▢ Reach the 6000 Telegram members
    ▢ Face-to-face seminar in DUBAI “live streaming on the site”
    ▢ MOONPAPER second semester update


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