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SkeinCurrency is preparing to become a digital stock of the MosaicChain project support company. MosaicChain is a project for the digital transformation of social relations based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence under the jurisdiction of a modern UN member state. MosaicChain is a project of digitalizing public relations on the basis of the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence under the jurisdiction of a modern UN member state.
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The level of development of new technologies is in advance of that of social processes, with some of these processes already starting to lag behind societal requirements. Today people could be settling the majority of their problems with the help of a mobile or computer provided they had access to the Internet. Actually they do perform in this way in many areas of life – by far not everywhere though. Besides, many computer-aided processes are still inconvenient in use. While simplifying some process elements, automation often complicates others and brings about new ones. The existence of a large number of systems unable to integrate into each other satisfies just part of societal requirements.

MosaicChain will be a peering joint-stock co-operative society (hereinafter referred to as “PJSCS”). Each of its participants (a digital citizen) will possess an ownership in PJSCS, confirmed by a personal token share. On the one hand, the personal token share is analogous to a passport, as it contains all personal data of its owner, and makes it possible for the owner to create a 5 personal account on MosaicChain, to receive governmental services and to participate in administrative procedures. On the other hand, the personal token share guarantees receipt of dividends from MosaicChain’s profits, and that makes it similar to a security. A personal token share provides a participant a possibility to take part in voting on any issue (crowdreferenda) and sign documents.

Our project is to create a fully digital jurisdiction based on a small state with the goals of increasing the level of automation, speeding up and reducing the cost of life processes around the world, creating a universal jurisdiction, increasing the involvement of the inhabitants of the planet in the process of political governance, simplifying registration and doing business, attracting investment, financing social, cultural and environmental projects.

The virtual country will have all the attributes of a real state: citizenship, registration procedures, currency, private property, inheritance, entrepreneurship, investment environment, voting, charity, cultural, environmental and social activities, social protection. The virtual state will be based on joint-stock ownership, where every citizen is a shareholder, which will later help to realize the idea of guaranteed income. The virtual state will be based on a digital mosaic based on blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, thanks to which: automation of all processes, transparency and openness, information security, stability, scalability will be provided.


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Chief Technology Officer

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