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A solution to generate passive income and participate exclusively in the launch of tomorrow's promising projects
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О проекте Scooby

What is Scooby Finance ? Scooby Finance is a platform offering several solutions and utilities to its investors that aspires to be the first passive income generation platform. Why should you buy and hold the Scooby Finance token and how will it bring value to you as an investor ? Discover the many features you will access as an investor he heart of the Scooby Finance project is articulated around this main feature which is the launching of projects.
Scooby Launchpad is a meeting place between investors and Low Caps projects needing visibility, support and contacts to develop their project. Each project will be offered for pre-sale on the launchpad, and Scooby holders will have the possibility to participate to exclusive pre-sales. An opportunity to invest in high potential projects carefully selected by our teams.   Passive income
Scooby Finance token holders benefit from passive income. Tokenomics is designed to benefit holders in the long run. Each transaction is taxed at 10%, which allows you to accumulate rewards and tokens.
Access your rewards status by connecting to the dashboard specially designed to manage each of the features proposed by our project.   Anti-Whale System
With Scooby, any transactions that trade more than 0.05% of the total supply will be rejected. Furthermore, whales who make a transfer (between 2 wallets) that is greater than 0.05% of the total supply will be charged for 2 BNB. This feature rightfully prevents pump-dump-exit whales from sabotaging the project.   Scooby Prize
Scooby Prize is an exclusive lottery that allows holders to participate in draws and win multiple levels of rewards.
Rewards are based on the number of participants and the total price pool amount.
In addition to winning 70% of the tickets on offer, you will be able to access a reward program based on your loyalty. (NFT, early access to next launchpad project, bag of next token, free tickets for the next prize.) The other 25% will be burned and the last 5% are going for the marketing.   Periodical Burns
In order to benefit SBD holders, part of our supply is continuously burned. As a result, the rarity and value of the token increases over time.
A percentage of the Scooby Prize Rewards Pool is reserved for periodic burns. In addition, every month, the team will proceed to a buy-back burn


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