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Rex is a management token of the decentralized Runex exchange. ✅Runex makes it possible to work with derivatives and limit orders without commissions for ourselves ✅ This is a robust project with Play to Earn support to attract a large community to trading on the exchange. ✅Audited by Fairyproof ✅ Coinmarketcap & Bitmart listing confirmed✅Legal advice received✅PrivatSale USDT = 5 REX ✅Bitmart listing 1 USDT = 3.3 REX
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О проекте RUNEX

Smart-contracts are functions performed on decentralized infrastructure, such as blockchain. They are protected from hacking in the way that neither part (even their creator) can change their code or interfere with their performance. Smart contracts also guarantee performance of actions indicated in them, which binds all the parties to this agreement in accordance with its text, create new and powerful type of confidential relations which do not depend on trust to any party. As they are self-verified and self-performed (that is, protected from hacking as explained above), smart-contracts thus create a new powerful type of confidential relations. This way, smart-contracts give an incentive for developing technologies of safe interaction for multiple parties and are applicable in traiding niche. For a long time, crypto-assets trading on the basis of smart-contract algorithms was hardly feasible due to absence of experience of creation of complicated automated systems. Currently there are working algorithms whose function is automated exchange of crypto-assets, but still they are far from perfect due to difficulties of algorithm building. Another important question is the circle of persons who will function as market-makers. Current situation in the trading nitch. In the current conditions, there are several types of market-makers. The first work with centralized markets. The second work with decentralized suppliers of trading services. The first ones and the second ones have a number of advantages and disadvantages. In the work with centralized markets, there is a question of ordinary users’ welfare, because market-makers in such markets pursue the goal of their own enrichment, and their actions may negatively impact on users due to absence of proper level of trust between these two parties. And on the contrary, in work with decentralized markets, where there is high level of trust between two parties due to use of smart-contracts, there is a problem with the service quality and absence of extensive tools presented in centralized markets.

RUNEX Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Conducting a bounty campaign to attract the target audience to the project.Conducting an advertising campaign.Passing an audit of the project for reliability.Inclusion of a stacking function for Rex management tokens.Passing an IEO to re-engage the audience and fund further development.Connecting an external fast crypto exchange, part of the exchange commissions will be sent to support Rex liquidity.
  • Phase 2

  • Testing trading algorithms, launching a working prototype for study and analysis.Connecting cryptocurrency mixers and testing the overall algorithmic process to identify vulnerabilities and fine-tune possible nuances.
  • Phase 3

  • Testing trading algorithms, launching a working prototype for study and analysis.Connecting cryptocurrency mixers and testing the overall algorithmic process to identify vulnerabilities and fine-tune possible nuances.
  • Phase 4

  • Working on the connection of margin algorithms.Introducing replacement tokens (for assets that do not support smart contracts).Developing support for NFT trading.


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