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О проекте RoleClub

ROLE is the globally first NFT entertainment IP cultivation platform, to create literature and cartoon IP metaverse through crowd creation, under DAO governance mode. As traditional entertainment IPs are excessively concentrated in the hands of magnates, fans, as passive consumer of IP products and narrations, have no management or participation rights for these IPs. They could not stop any profit- oriented interferences by big companies or chaebols on artwork creations, even though many renowned IPs start out well but fail to continue. They are also unable to get access to dividends brought by appreciation of their favorite IPs.To solve these problems, We have developed a new IP development and ownership pattern, on ROLE, through encrpytion techniques such as Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) and Non-Fungible Token(NFT) . It helps authors to create and sell NFTs exclusively belonging to the roles, incubate and operate independent IPs to bring more incomes for them. It also enables fans to acquire IP role NFTs, and get more dividends brought by appreciation of artworks, through auction and purchases. On ROLE, IP artworks of many independent authors are tokenized, and characters of artworks are NFTized with NFT technologies, to make them more independent, unique and flexible. At the same time, crowd creation mode is groundbreakingly explored, in combination with DAO mode to make fans and authors jointly create stories that meet expectations of the community, which provids continuous vitality and more extension space for the artwork.


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