QuarkChain ICO

QuarkChain ICO

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Created using Figma
QuarkChain is a high-capacity peer-to-peer transaction system.
1 мая 2018 г.
1 июн. 2018 г.
100% completed
$20 000 000
100% цель completed
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United States
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Yes , from May 7, 2018 till May 21, 2018

Около QuarkChain ICO

We'll all look back in 20 years and conclude that Bitcoin was as influential a platform for innovation as the Internet itself was. 
     -Marc Andreessen (The investor & Web browser pioneer )

QuarkChain ICO Roadmap

  • Q2 2017

  • Blockchain Scalability Problem Research
  • Q4 2017

  • White Paper Draft
  • February 2018

  • Verification Code 0.1
    White Paper Release
  • March 2018

  • Testnet 0.1 Wallet 0.1
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  • Q2 2018

  • Testnet 1.0
    Smart Contract 0.1
  • Q4 2018

  • QuarkChain Core 1.0
    Mainnet 1.0
    SmartWallet 1.0
  • Q2 2019

  • QuarkChain Core 2.0
    SmartWallet 2.0


27 445
30 Days Growth:
2 734
30 Days Growth:
534 384
219 829
Year commits:
Open issues:


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Ting Du
Business Development and Eco-system
Kyle Wang
Julianne Zhu
Social Media Broadcasting


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Arun G. Phadke
Winner of Benjamin Franklin Medal
Bill Moore
President of DSSD
Mike Miller
Founder of Cloudant
Kevin Hsu
nvested over 60 blockchain companies
Leo Wang
Famous crypto fund manager
Zhiyun Qian
Expert in cyber security

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$ 67.703 M
Volume 24h:
$ 7.381 M
Circ. Supply:
1.58 B QKC
5.0 19
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QuarkChain ICO Reviews


The huge hype around QuarkChain is not just a glossy cover, the project has already proved they are going the right way by demonstrating 2,000 TPS while using only a few nodes. Compare it with 15 TPS of Ethereum, and you’ll understand everything. If they manage to attract a significant number of dApps, the project will definitely be among top blockchains.
QuarkChain is going to become one of the top ICO projects by resolving a critical problem of blockchains – low speed. We don’t see what can prevent them from achieving their goal.

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Crypto Briefing

The QuarkChain ICO is a serious contender as far as scalability solutions go. The team have made it a point to focus on their product before moving on to build their community and establish partnerships, which they lose some points on for now.
As the release of the public Testnet approaches, however, we will monitor their progress on the latter two fronts. Regardless, the team behind QuarkChain are exceptional and have showcased their potential via the Testnet.

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ICO Drops

16-Apr: Quarkchain we like, but it is hard to participate on pre-sale.
24-Apr: Quarkchain is the next candidate for Very High. Soon they will open whitelist, priority will be given to early telegram group participants. Hype is high. It looks like Zilliqa. I participated in pre-sale.
27-Apr. Alexey: Very High.Blockchain with a low cap. The team is good. The only minus is that it is hard to participate. The individual cap will be low.
Andrey: Zilliqa and Quarkchain look very similar, both have sharding, test net and no main net. https://youtu.be/N8sJpLdLBOw?t=38m9s
30-Apr. Sergey: Project is Very High, you need to watch attentively to not miss the whitelist.
3-May. Sergey: Top idea - Very High Interest. There are indicators that this project will have big Market Cap. The structure of pre-sale, low individual cap, all of this creates Hype. I will participate. Don't forget to make accounts in Quarkchain. 
Ivan: Sale conditions: Saturday is the last day when you can join their telegram to be able to pass KYC, they will check TimeStamps. They can probably make some sort of Quiz and ask questions about the project.
13-May. Sergey: We have discussed it many times, the project is TOP.
23-May. Andrey: QuarkChain is a cashcow. This is the project in which it is definitely worth going. Link
30-May. Sergey: People write articles, do a lot of work to invest money in it. Eventually, you might even not pass KYC because of the lottery. I don`t understand this. 
Bruce: Before this, funds have participated in it with bonuses without any proof of care.

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Ian Balina

22-Apr. Update on Quarkchain after discussing it in last week's live stream. The Quarkchain team showed my team a demo of their blockchain and it's the real deal. This is officially an all-star ICO in my opinion. Currently scored at 85% for me. I will participate in the private sale. Public sale is confirmed. However, it will justifiably be oversubscribed. Which brings me to a point I want to emphasize as we get out of ICO winter. It's still possible to get into good projects after the ICO on exchanges. Loom Network, POA, and others had great entries during the bear market in my opinion. They will be other similar projects that are oversubscribed during the token sale that will have great entries during the next bear market. 
Just to clarify, the demo did not have 1 million TPS. The demo was on a testnet and showed a functioning blockchain and the potential of what's possible. In my opinion, Zilliqa token metrics were rated higher historically but this is still a good project nonetheless.
24-Apr. I covered Quarkchain last time. Long story short: Quarkchain is an all-star ICO, the best ICO in this quarter. I was waiting for the demo from the team to make sure that they could actually deliver on their claims, all right, I did get the demo and the demo blew me away from guys I mean it is legit. I don't think this is better than Zilliqa per say. I have graded Quarkchain as around 84 percent score which is pretty solid and as a result I was part of their private sale.
10-May. QuarkChain, Edenchain, Phantasma and Mainframe those are my four all-star projects for this month.

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