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Adult content decentralized platform, for creators and streamers with rewards for holders.
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16.5% Liquidity
15% Team & Pornstars
15% Platdorm & Airdrop
13.5% CEX
10% Marketing
30% Presale
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О проекте PornBit

PornBit is the first Pornverse and Defi X-rated 3D animated gaming token with digital NFTs. PornBit is the token for adult entertainment and reward. PornBit is the first pornverse and Defi X-rated 3D animated gaming token with digital NFTs of famous cumstars that's powered by PBIT smart chain technology under BSC platform and proposed ETH cross-chain linkage. We have one mission here and that's to make you horny, get you excited & give you the platform to earn money by creating contents and streaming your favorite adult videos and games. As a pornbiter, you will be able to play animated porn series of your favorite pornstars and be in control of the actions by paying less using PornBit platforms.


With the surge in popularity of utility tokens and the arrival of blockchain technology, more adult entertainment organizations are establishing their own blockchain-based adult entertainment platform. This the mission of PornBit. Furthermore, many famous pornographic websites, such as PornHub, have begun to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their premium services.


PornBit is a decentralized ecosystem that provides a quick and easy method to empower pornographic content providers, players, and watchers all in one place. Disintermediation allows adult content creators to make much more and content consumers to pay considerably less and earn while marrying with adult contents. The ideas of diversity, fairness, and freedom are embraced by the inclusive community. PornBit contributes to the solution by removing the producers, agents, and intermediaries who receive a large amount of the creator's earnings.


Holding any volume of PBIT token enhances the portfolio of every PBIT token holder, and this is without any locking time.


Holders can choose to liquidate their stake using the money they've earned. Benefits are not subject to a severance fee. This is PornBit cornerstone. The native coin, Defi, can be used for staking and liquidity. Pool upkeep is necessary. Holders of PBIT will receive a reward. Platform fees are paid in PBIT tokens, therefore the longer each user stays, the better. The longer they keep it, the more PBIT tokens they get.

PornBit aims to integrate the NFT marketplace into the PBIT utility platform, allowing users to trade art collectibles using PBIT tokens. Purchase or win exclusive digital adult art/scenes (NFT format) from your favorite performers with a digital certificate of ownership that you can keep only to yourself or sell for a profit to other fans.

PornBit Roadmap

  • Erogenous Touching

  • Contract Deployment
    Contract Audit
    Website Launch
    Advertising Campaigns
  • Oral Sex

  • Presale
    PancakeSwap listing
    Main Stream Media
    CG listing
    CMC listing
    Doxxed Team
  • Anal Sex

  • Porn Stars Partnerships
    Cum Wallet V1
    Advertising Campaigns
    Naughty NFT Marketplace
  • Masturbation

  • 3,000 holders
    PBIT staking
    NFT airdrop to holders
    3rd Tier CEX
  • Прочитайте больше
  • Vaginal Sex

  • PornSwap Dev.
    More Partnerships
    PornBit animated game


PornBit Команда

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Внимание. Существует риск того, что непроверенные члены на самом деле не являются членами команды

Leonardo Avii
CEO & Lead
Alba Valentini
Marcos Tin
Lewis Parker
Dev / UX Designer
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