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О проекте Pooniverse

Once upoo a time…

…there fell an unordinary pile of poop of the rear end of an ordinary dog. The dog named Floki,  had previously eaten a magic mushroom grown on his owner Elon’s laboratory. It was a small poo for Floki, but it would change the world forever. The magic it contained  gave rise to a consciousness ordinary man cannot fathom.  At first, the poo was sad because no one wanted to have anything to do with it. But soon little flying things began to take great interest, sucking on it and spreading the magic to other ordinary poo piles. The great enlightenment had begun. Poo piles across the lands began to transform, developing unique features. Many of whom otherworldly stenchy, some tolerable, and a few desirable. Soon humans began to realize the value in the poo as each could be used to spawn unique heroes, sh*t and meme coin avatars. These heroes helped them on their quests to unbelievable wealth and the live of their dreams, but also to fight the monsters of their worst nightmares. Adept alchemists started to mix poo piles which gave rise to new meme coin avatars, helping the humans in their adventures.

It was an exciting time to be alive. These are the tales of the pooniverse – a world of brave adventurers, evil monsters, and magic poo. Where will your path lead you? Join the pooniverse and play for death or glory.


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