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PixelBit is an ingenious system that sets out to revolutionize gaming. PixelBit (PXB coin) not only provides a unified and inherently valuable currency to serve as a foundation for cross-platform, cross-game purchases and trading, such as for additional content, skins and so forth, it also allows for the earning of actual money through simply playing games. Lucrative and engaging to both game developers and players, PixelBit aims to create a living ecosystem around in-game trading that makes gaming even more enjoyable and worthwhile.
11 июн. 2019 г.
31 авг. 2019 г.
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О проекте PixelBit

Being one of the fastest growing markets over recent years, the wider gaming industry has long since started exploring additional ways for generating revenue. Many of these ways include microtransactions of some sort, usually involving some kind of virtual currency: gems, rubies, silver bars - whatever they want to name it. With the emergence of blockchain technology and crypto currencies, new possibilities for the way transactions (both data and financial) are handled online emerged on the horizon.

With the current trend of the gaming industry, heavily relying on recurring in-game microtransactions, blockchain unlocked new doors for the sector. With PixelBit we aim to utilize cryptocurrency for in-game purchases as well as to implement a way to earn real-world currency during gaming. PixelBit (PXB Token) is a dedicated crypto currency based on the Ethereum blockchain that serves as a foundation for In-Game purchases, unlocking additional content as well as it constitutes an ingenious system for earning PXB coins while playing games.

With PixelBit, we are targeting both gamers and game developers by offering them an innovative system incentivizing them to play and create.

Join us in revolutionizing gaming economics by helping us to bring the worlds of digital currency and gaming together.

PixelBit Roadmap

  • 01/2019

  • Launch of PixelBit.
  • 04/2019

  • PixelBit Tools and APIs become available to select partners.
  • 05/2019

  • Private Sale starts.
  • 06/2019

  • PixelBit Tools and APIs become publically available. Public sale starts.
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  • 07/2019

  • Founding of a premium development studio.
  • 08/2019

  • Development of more small games and apps.
  • 12/2019

  • Launch of game Rocket Sharks.
  • 01/2020

  • Sponsoring of e-sports and gaming events.
  • 01/2020

  • First private beta of social app Frox.
  • Q2/2020

  • First content update for Rocket Sharks.
  • 03/2020

  • Public beta of social app Frox.
  • 06/2020

  • First beta of open world game (title tba).
  • 07/2020

  • Public launch of social app Frox.
  • 08/2020

  • Attendance of Gamescon.

PixelBit Команда

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Dipl.-Math Rudolf Sa...
Tim Armann
Director of Communications
Phillip Marewski
Executive Creative Director
David Kraljevic
Senior Art Director

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