PetsBaby Coin

PetsBaby Coin

Created using Figma
It's a decentralized meme token that has evolved into a giant ecosystem, helping its Pets brethren help stray animals and strengthen their pets community.
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• PETSLOVE - 75%

• PETSHELP - 25% ​


SALE FEE - 15%
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О проекте PetsBaby Coin

Since its inception, the pets family has been doing things differently. Starting with a supply of 1 quadrillion on sisters PETSHELP and PETSLOVE, our CEO blocked 50%, then "burned" over 25% of the other half for safety. To help reverse the situation of abandoned animals, making donations to shelters through pets cryptocurrencies, and then in addition to donations and locks from the main wallets, the rest of the burned tokens already reach 30% of their total supply, ensuring our success and stability at long term. So we want to thank the community "Thanks for enabling true decentralization. Now we really get started."



PetsBaby is designed to fit perfectly between the two previous tokens in terms of offering circulation. It is an incentivized token on Swap and will offer lucrative rewards to holders who provide its liquidity. Our currency comes with the purpose of uniting the best of all PETS, with the real purpose of helping abandoned animals and BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology. The company has already been investing with long-term returns, aiming to incorporate our token through donations to shelters and NGOs, reducing problems with lack of food and veterinary care and thus preventing the closure of these places. Through the application of resources from the sale of tokens, we will monetize our entire ecosystem. The world turns today to the need of these "angels" who donate to rescue these small helpless animals that are cruelly abandoned, but in the face of difficulties and large numbers of rescued animals, their resources become scarce and increasingly depend on our concern. and care, as many do not have any government assistance.


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