PepsX Token

PepsX Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
PEPSX Token is a DeFi Token built for PEPS Coin DeFi Pool harvest. It is a precious reward for those who participate in PEPS DeFi Pool.

PEPSX Token supply is in 1000:1 ratio to PEPS Coin and a designated share has been reserved for PEPS Holders. PEPS Holders can earn Holder’s Share of PEPSX Tokens in the same ratio by keeping their PEPS Coins into DeFi pools for the given time. They will receive PEPSX Tokens on the completion of selected pool plan.
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1 апр. 2021 г.
30 апр. 2021 г.
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О проекте PepsX Token

This is Project PEPS. A real world Crypto Currency which you can use as your Everyday Asset. PEPS is not just an altcoin which gives you red and green bars at the market, but it is as good as the bank notes in your wallet. You can Earn and spend it like money, without any third party involvement!

Yes, PEPS gives you the power of Real Money with Privacy. No one control your Transactions, No Government, No Tax, No Banks and No middleman! PEPS is borderless, you can take it Anywhere in the world and Spend it! No Forex or Currency converters needed! Soon to be launched, PEPS ATM will give you Cash Banknotes in major countries, or Just use PEPS with PEPS Prepaid Card.

Behold the World's Largest Crypto Shopping Store. Wondering How is it Largest in the world? Because it is simply the biggest store on the Internet which accepts only Cryptocurrencies. Along With huge collection of products and services for many countries, PEPShip offers FREE Shipping worldwide! Can't believe right? Free shipping even for a product worth $2!

PEPShip store is the main Use-case of PEPS Coin. It is built to enable PEPS users buy anything they want, at lowest price, and with free shipping. Some products holds the lowest price on the Internet. However PEPShip store offers a lot more other crypto currencies but when pay with PEPS, you get an amazing 5% Cashback as PEPS Coins!


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Investment Manager
Brazil Team
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Edson Luis
Brazil Team
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