Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack

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Pepper Attack is a turn-based strategy game that pays to play. Players can earn tokens by collecting, battling, and mining in the Pepper Attack metaverse.
Private Sale
2 февр. 2022 г.
7 февр. 2022 г.
100% завершено
Привлеченные средства - нет данных
Цель 300 000.00 USD
Cap 900 000.00 USD
  • 1 MYTE
    0.011 USD
Детали токена
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Общее предложение
Распределение токенов
Private Sale: 3%
Public Sale: 12%
Community & Marketing: 15%
Game Players: 30%
Mystic Pepper Owners: 30%
Team & Partners: 10%
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🎁 Up to 48 MATIC purchase +4%
🎁 Up to 232 MATIC purchase +5%
🎁 Up to 817 MATIC purchase +10%
🎁 Up to 1080 MATIC purchase +11%
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да , от Feb 2, 2022 до Feb 7, 2022

О проекте Pepper Attack

Pepper Attack is a turn-based strategy game that pays to play. Players can earn MYTE tokens by collecting, battling, and mining. MYTE is used to purchase in-game characters, items, and lands in the Pepper Attack metaverse.The beautiful Pepper world has been carefully crafted for six months by the team and 10,000 gamers in the Pepperfam community. This is one of the rare community-based projects where players and game developers interact regularly to exchange ideas, give feedback, and have fun together.
During the game development, there were two big community events and countless mini-games that involves thousands of players. Many friendships, brotherhood, and sisterhoods have been formed through those events. Who said making games doesn't need to be fun?
Before making the game, the team has researched the issues with other blockchain games and worked on clearing the biggest obstacle for most play-to-earn games, the gas fee. Pepper Attack's bridge solution from ETH to Polygon has saved $300,000 USD for players in 2021, and millions for years to come. The team also follow the latest cybersecurity standards and worked with CertiK to enhance the security for their contracts.
Unlike many projects that promise the earning only when the game is done, Pepper Attack actually built a mining system and allowed players to earn MYTE daily with their Mystic Peppers. At the time of writing, 4,000 Peppers are actively mining and earning MYTE for their owners.

Техническая информация

Pepper Attack Roadmap

  • Q1 - 2022: MYTE AND BETA GAME

  • ✅ MYTE Debut: Whitepaper, MYTE landing page, and MYTE on token listing pages.
    ⬜️ Game Introduction: Gameplay updates, game demos, and website UI remake.
    ⬜️ Private Sale: A private sale for the community and early investors.
    ⬜️ Non-mystic Peppers: Non-mystic NFT versions of the 5 Peppers.
    ⬜️ Minigames: Minigames that the players can play using MYTE and/or Peppers.
    ⬜️ Adventure Mode (beta): Beta version of the Adventure mode with campaign and battle.
  • Q2 - 2022: TOURNAMENTS

  • ⬜️ Adventure Mode (Full version): Full version of the Adventure mode with story, levels & bosses.
    ⬜️ Tournaments: Events for players to get ranked and rewarded based on their performance.
    ⬜️ Minigames: Minigames that the players can play using MYTE and/or Peppers.
    ⬜️ Pepper Pool Funding: A reward pool for tournament participants and MYTE holders sponsored by Pepper Attack and its partners.
  • Q3 - 2022: PEPPER POOL

  • ⬜️ Game expansion: New elements for the game e.g. weapons, skills, titles. The final list is TBD.
    ⬜️ Pepper Pool Activation: Winners and holders start to get rewards from the Pepper Pool.
    ⬜️ MYTE Staking: A mechanism for players to stake the MYTE for rewards.
    ⬜️ MYTE Listing: Listing MYTE on exchanges followed by a public sale.
  • Q4 - 2022: PVP AND COMMERCE

  • ⬜️ PvP Tournaments: A mechanism for players to compete with each other directly.
    ⬜️ Pepper Commerce: A marketplace for players to buy and sell items using MYTE.


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