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Penky is a decentralized platform that allows users to join tournaments based on celebrity real life events. Penky is ultimately a platform managed by its very players who autonomously create new NFTs, new bets, validate the bet results and earn 100% of the fees generated by the platform. This is a unique, unprecedented model, a project that aims to turn betting into a fun, social experience, unlike the current game platforms that tend to isolate the player to exploit their weaknesses.
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О проекте Penky

Penky is the first ever social betting platform based on blockchain technology that enables players to buy celebrities’ NFTs and bet on real events of their public and private life. Penky enhances and innovates three key elements: Players, NFT technology and Decentralization.

Penky is an open-source project self-managed by the Community. A transparent and autonomous NFT tournaments dApp based on Polygon and Avalanche blockchains, using the Penky token as a unique element to join tournaments, managing the community and allowing token holders to trade it on centralized & decentralized exchanges.


  • Join tournaments on real-life celebrity events and win when they come true.
  • Get your passive gain on other people’s tournaments owning celeb NFTs.
  • Own Penky Governance to become the Host and cash weekly earning.
  • Join the DAO to take structural decisions of the whole project.
  • Be rewarded for actively participating in the community as a judge.
  • Trade celebrity NFTs using the Penky token with no transaction fee.

On Penky, the celebrities’ NFTs – a universe made of athletes, actors, musicians, politicians and influencers – are the tool through which players can bet on the performances and on the events of famous people’ lives all over the world. By purchasing the NFTs of the celebrities and bets made on their real lives, Penky tokenizes the emotional connection between celebrities and players, creating an identity overlap that engages the user directly and throughout the entire game process. Owning an NFT and the relating bets are not merely an investment plan, but rather an entirely new way for fans to convey their passion for Celebrities and either win or lose with them. The entire betting platform is completely decentralized and managed through smart contracts on Matic sidechain. Ultimately there is no unbiased management that can
somehow control the House: the House is indeed entirely governed – both at a decisionmaking level and at an administrative one – by Penky’s Governance token holders, who on a weekly basis divide among themselves the profits generated by the bets. Penky therefore turns Investors and Players into the Sole Shareholders of the platform, thus guaranteeing the incorruptibility of the entire project.


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