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OODLE is a Commodity Trading platform with a built-in ODL token that governs how all the stakeholders in complex commodity trade contracts manage and oversee the entire supply chain. The integration of the ODL token combined with the OODLE Marketplace will result in the buying and selling of commodities in a time efficient, transparent, accountable and secure trading environment on the block chain using smart contracts
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О проекте OODLE

OODLE is a revolution of the commodity trading industry offering TRANSPARENCY, OVERSIGHT & EFFICACY throughout the whole process of a commodity trade. OODLE consists of 2 key components - the OODLE MarketPlace & the ODL token.   The OODLE MarketPlace is where vetted buyers and sellers come together to conduct trades using our secure smart contracts and partners to ensure the trade is carried out in the most timely and cost-efficient manner as possible.
The ODL token is the utility token of the OODLE MarketPlace and has a maximum circulation of 100m tokens. both Buyer and Seller will be required to hold ODL in order to access the OODLE MarketPlace ODL holders can enjoy a series of rights and interests including asset appreciation, access to exclusive partners, transparency on trades, supervision, voting, etc.The way to obtain ODL token is to purchase through our pre-sale or exchanges that will list the ODL token.
The OODLE MarketPlace will utilise the ODL token as a transactional tool between buyers and sellers in the marketplace to ensure transparency and governance of the trade thus ensuring the timely delivery of commodities and funds to both parties involved.

OODLE Roadmap

  • Defi Token Presale
    Website Launch
    Team Introduction
    Marketing & Partnerships
    White Paper
    Real life trades on testnet
  • Q4 2021Global Exchange Integration Oodle Pay launch Oodle Marketplace Mobile App launch Oodle staking component to be added Team expansion

  • Launch of MainNet OMP smart contract offerings
    Audit of all smart contracts
    First Exchange Listing
    Token mainsale
    Marketplace Beta Version Launch
    MarketPlace Sign Ups
    Increase sectors & transaction volumes on MarketPlace
  • Q1 2022

  • Global Exchange Integration
    Oodle Pay launch
    Oodle Marketplace Mobile App launch
    Oodle staking component to be added
    Team expansion
  • Q2 2022

    Full Platform Launch – multiple sectors
    Membership Expansion Program
    Payment Gateway Expansion
    International Offices (London, New York, Singapore
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  • Watch this space...
    Q3 2022


Рост за 30 дней:
Рост за 30 дней:

2 518 644

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