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Oasis Labs is rethinking blockchain for the real world. Built from the ground up with cutting-edge technologies, Oasis is the first smart contract platform to provide security, privacy, and high scalability.
29 окт. 2020 г.
15 дек. 2020 г.
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О проекте Oasis Labs

What is Oasis labs? Oasis Labs is raising funds for Ekiden, the next-generation blockchain, built to address scalability and security issues. The Ekiden architecture comprises four layers: the application layer, the computation, storage and consensus layers. Separating computing, storage and consensus is critical to achieving the high performance and security offered by the project. Thanks to that architecture, Ekiden solves scalability and security problems by combining blockchain with an autonomous EVM-scaling solution. Using Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) hardware environments, such as Intel SGX, Ekiden can increase throughput in a secure, non-binding environment.


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Crypto Briefing
The array of improvements and ease of implementation offered by the Oasis Labs ICO make it a formidable solution for achieving higher throughput and increasing security. While general awareness about the project remains low in the cryptospace, progress is already well underway.
Given the Oasis ICO team are no strangers to developing enterprise-level solutions, their product may well reflect the demands of industry players who are serious about blockchain. In fact, CEO Kevin Mandia of FireEye, the company that acquired Ensighta, recently highlighted lack of security as a major issue facing cryptocurrencies.
Finally, since our diligence includes the ability to evaluate the technical aspects of a project with a specialist code review, we will have to wait for access to the Ekiden project’s code before finalizing our rating on the Oasis ICO, just as we did for QuarkChain.
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ICO Pantera
1. EKIDEN, the next-generation block chain, pursues low-cost structure by pursuing high scalability and security using Intel SGX. The test net result is excellent.
2. It is fully compatible with Etherium and Etherium dapp can use EKIDEN as an extension solution.
3. The existence of strong institutional investors including Bainance.
A complementary point
1. There is no accurate information yet. Limited information provided only to those who have participated in private sales.
2. You will need to watch a little more to see if it's a great platform.
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Ian Balina
13-July. Oasis Labs is in getting a ton of hype, I had a call with the CEO, I think a month ago. Token Metrics sucked, I was not impressed by that team, I mean on paper yes they seemed impressive but me, in my personal opinion, I mean they seemed they're just trying to manufacture FOMO and not really actually talked about the project. I passed on them.
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