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Genesis (New Age) New Age is launching a New Age NFT collaboration product to allow DAO governance to actively manage its Treasury. By using on-chain governance, we can assign specific guardrails to portfolio managers to manage portfolios, which allows us to retain trustless decentralization, but within a more flexible and responsive framework. 10 million mother coins are issued, and the ultimate deflation is 1 million NewAge.
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О проекте NewAge

Project culture

The "Genesis" project DAO organization, based on consensus groups, DAO governance, and WEB3.0, allows more people to access digital currency. Let many people have a deep understanding of our Genesis project, and develop our DAO organization to all over the world. The Genesis project has always adhered to the development concept of " consensus group, DAO governance organization, creativity first, technology first". Genesis will be a leader in the industry.

New Age Limited to 3000 cards

Genesis cards are open to 100 cards per day, limited to purchase and synthesis, and the cardpledge can mine the parent currency + sub-currency.

Earnings are calculated on an hourly basis. (The computing power of tokens for cards of the same value. For example, the value of this card is 400U, then 50% of the 400U will account for the computing power, which is 10% higher than the combined LP mining income.) The promotion reward is also the same computing power of the three generations. become

NFT cards can be traded. One wallet address and one NFT card, Cards can be destroyed to become shareholders = equity dividends + ecological dividends + sub-coin dividends + handling fee dividends.

NFT-New Age

NFT-New Age adopts the industry's most advanced "deformable card protocol" technology, which is a deformable card protocol derived from ERC721 and surpasses and expands more functions. There are four major functions of tradable and "tradable". Users can directly perform more operations through the dedicated function interface of the card, and simplify the tedious operation and obtain a better experience. With the successive launch of major DeFi products in the New Age ecosystem, NFT-New Age holders will gain more and more value and become more valuable.


NewAge Команда

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