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⁃ Supporting multi-chain assets & collecting DeFi projects based on NEAR platform: supporting the fundraising and connecting NEAR ecosystem community. NearStarter will be the perfect launch pad for ICO projects (It will support all Blockchain platforms in the future)
⁃ The projects are carefully and strictly moderated to ensure transparency and professionalism: qualified projects with high rate of support and implementation potential.
⁃ Very cheap transaction costs, fast processing speed on the NEAR platform.
⁃ Completely free for startups with support and advice from experienced experts with the aim of creating optimal conditions for startup development.
⁃ Making a transparent and safe decentralized exchange with a large number of qualified members
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июнь, 2021
июнь, 2021
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Cap 400 000.00 USD
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Near Protocol
да , от Jun 10, 2021 до Jun 17, 2021

О проекте NearStarter

Transparency and fraud have made centralized exchanges less and less trustworthy to investors and actual users. This is the major reason we see the advent and widespread use of DeFi in 2020, and DeFi is the future of digital currency trading. The UniSwap, PancakeSwap, and Compoud projects have brought tremendous trading volume in recent years, dominating the centralized exchange market.

The explosion of DeFi and a series of successful projects have brought about a huge challenge in scalability, speed and transaction fees. Most obviously is the congestion and skyrocketing transaction fees of Ethereum over the past times, which have slowed down the performance of the platform.

The rapid expansion and application of several projects have made the current speed and transaction fees no longer feasible. Users require cheap transactions, fast speed, easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, and the ability to quickly buy and move assets between blockchains. Only then will decentralized finance develop strongly, and DeFI will be the future of the new world.

One of the more important issues is that many companies or teams have very good ideas and technical backgrounds, but it is impossible to afford to cover their project development costs. This is the important reason for Nearstarter to be born for the purpose of supporting potential projects lacking cost of capital.

For those reasons, we have built NearStarter ($NEARS) as a firm start for DeFi. NEARS is a DEX built to allow projects to mobilize on a NEAR-platform decentralized exchange with high speed, super cheap cost and user-friendliness. This is a safe environment that meets the expectations of users, far exceeding the current standards.



  • Whitelisting: Archiving the most optimal and potential whitelisting platform for startups to raise funds for their blockchain projects
  • Safe & Secure: We take careful security measures to ensure that your asset is in the safest status against theft or loss. Our team works day and night to take the measures and scripts to ensure that there is no fraud in any form.
  • Guaranteed Allocation: Tokens are only distributed with the confirmation by user.
  • Fixed Swap Token Pools: Providing a base of fixed swap token groups to grant the freedom to swap tokens within specific groups.
  • KYC Verification: Supporting for KYC confirmation completely, professionally and reputably. With only one KYC confirmation, the members can participate in any ICO project that they are interested in.
  • Cross-Chain Swaps: Providing a flexible approach to the members

Manage Your Portfolio: Friendly and easy-to-use interface. Along with enabling our community-based voting by implementing governance infrastructure.

NearStarter Roadmap

  • NearStarter Roadmap

  • Quarter 4, 2020: The idea was formed and the startup team was established. We researched day and night to come up with a detailed project plan.
    ⁃ Formed idea
    ⁃ Idea research / project formulation
    ⁃ Research products
    ⁃ Make a plan and prepare necessary steps for the project
    Quarter 1, 2021: Run the demo version of product
    - Run the demo version of product
    - Search and cooperate with Partnerships & Collaboration
    Quarter 2, 2021: This is the crucial time. After doing a thorough research, we make a plan and finalize our necessary weapons to announce the official launch of our cryptocurrency. We start implementing our strategies of marketing, building partnerships, as well as start hosting high-quality crowdfunding blockchain projects to fulfill their fundraising goals.
    ⁃ April, 2021: Develop plans for marketing, strategic partners, website completion, marketing weapon completion.
    ⁃ June, 2021: Open ICO sale
    Quarter 3, 2021: Optimize the features of NearStarter to ensure on the right track, providing Startup projects with capital mobilization in a high-quality community, providing the members with the most feasible projects with many most potential opportunities.
    ⁃ August, 2021: Launch project (list 10 ICOs)
    ⁃ September, 2021: List upcoming projects
    Quarter 4, 2021: Publish the full version of the NEARS app for IOS and Android
    Quarter 1, 2021: Official launch of the NEAR platform-based decentralized NearStarter exchange


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NearStarter Команда

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Eric Gerbers

NearStarter Интервью

Eric Gerbers
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am a development member and team leader, founder. My own team have 7 member, 2 coder, 2 marketing, 3 adviser
What do you think about idea?
It is really great for the NEAR ecosystem, which helps people raise capital, development projects and bring value to the community.
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  • Если вы считаете, что существуют проблемы или проблемы, которые необходимо исправить в этом контенте, или если вы хотите представить свой собственный проект ICO для включения в список, напишите нам.
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