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Created using Figma
MurAll is an on-chain digital collaborative mural/canvas/wall that anyone anywhere can draw on, without restrictions on what you can draw. The entire ethos of the MurAll project is that it fits with the blockchain narrative of a neutral place that doesn’t filter, censor or stop any transaction. A place for true freedom of speech through art. The only thing required to draw on MurAll is the PAINT token - a fixed supply ERC-20 token analogous with real life paint; you can't take paint off a wall and reuse it once it's on there, and similarly any PAINT used in drawing is burned as part of the transaction preventing it from being reused. Your contribution to MurAll will be on the blockchain in its history for as long as the blockchain lives (i.e. you will always be able to see your contribution there in the history, even if someone draws over your pixels). When you draw, you also get a MURALL Non-Fungible Token (NFT) of your contribution, a token containing your drawing, which you own and are free to do with as you please - hold, display, trade, collect, the choice is yours. There is only enough supply of PAINT to allow MurAll to be drawn over in it's entirety a maximum of 21 thousand times, meaning MurAll has a finite lifespan; once the PAINT runs out you won’t be able to draw on MurAll again.
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О проекте MurAll

What is MurAll?

MurAll is a collaborative canvas allowing artists worldwide to paint onto an ever evolving piece of art. This is a first of its kind project made possible by the use of blockchain technology.


Introducing PAINT

Powered by the Ethereum network, MurAll requires a digital token called PAINT to enable artists to draw onto the canvas. Each PAINT token can draw 2 pixels and just like real life paint, it can only be used to draw once. If is has been used it can’t be taken off of the wall and reused! With only a finite amount of PAINT available globally (there is only enough PAINT to cover the canvas 21,000 times), it is a commodity which encourages artists to produce work they are passionate about as the more PAINT that is used, the less is available.

Your NFT

Once an artist has created their piece and “minted” it on the MurAll canvas, it is immortalised forever on the blockchain. The artist receives an NFT (Non Fungible Token) of their drawing; in contrast to traditional tokens, NFTs are one of a kind, ensuring that the artwork is a UNIQUE ORIGINAL which has value and can be kept or sold whenever they wish - just like real life paintings. Unlike most existing technologies, the artwork itself is contained within the token and isnt just a certificate.


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