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MtopSwap is developing a suite of innovative software focused on user-friendly DeFi trading & using NFTs as recurring subscriptions for access to our tools.
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О проекте MtopSwap

MtopSwap is developing a suite of innovative software focused on speed and user-friendly DeFi trading. We released a completely unique multi-swap aggregator on with a custom-built frontend that allows users to view & trade on 100+ different DEXes simultaneously on token swap "modules" that can be added, customized & organized.

We are a software-as-a-service (SaaS), utilizing NFTs as recurring subscriptions for access to our software tools. Recurring subscriptions have proven to be a successful revenue model for decades and we saw an opportunity to introduce this concept to blockchain while pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can do.

MtopSwap will continuously develop features to our multi-swap aggregator over the coming months, including price charts, portfolio management, and a 1-click due diligence check for any token in any ecosystem. The end goal is to lower the barrier of entry for DeFi newcomers and bring together a fragmented layer-1 blockchain space by eventually aggregating all EVM-compatible chains.

MtopSwap Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • MultiSwap Aggregator
    Subscription NFT Release
    Harmony Grant ($75,000, milestones set)
    AMA / Social efforts
    dApp Radar Listing
    Tutorial videos
    Subscription NFT Audit by 0xGuard
    Index listing on CoinGecko
    Index listing on CoinMarketCap
    Price Feed API
    Saved Module Layouts
    Every DEX functionality
    Best Price functionality
    Arbitration functionality
    Achieve 1 Harmony Grant Milestone ($10,000) *unpaid
    Achieve 2nd & 3rd Harmony Grant Milestones ($45,000)
  • Phase 2

  • Price Charts as Toggleable Tabs
    Auto Due Diligence
    Multichain Expansion
    LLC filing
    Whitelabel Subscription NFTs
  • Phase 3

  • MTOP/ONE Staking (dependent on Harmony response to hack*)
    Blacklisted Wallet Notifications
    Honeypot Detector
    Contract Revocation
    1,000 daily active users
  • Phase 4

  • Portfolio Manager
    Custom RPC
    Financially self-sustaining


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