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Moonradar is a Booster Pad for project creators & a GEM Hunter for investors in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. We’re helping project creators boost their value by providing functionality & utility to their token. For Investors, we provide GEM hunting & Portfolio management solutions
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Детали токена
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Общее предложение
Распределение токенов
Private Sale: 2,000,000
Operations: 1,800,000
Marketing: 1,800,000
Pre sale: 4,000,000
Team: 2,400,000
Initial Liquidity: 2,000,000
Staking & Rewards: 6,000,000
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Binance Smart Chain

О проекте MoonRadar

Moonradar's vision is to increase the current quality of Blockchain projects by providing a suite of tools to
browse, trade & monitor safe projects. Alt coin & Shit coin space has witnessed a tremendous growth in
the recent times thanks to the success of projects like Doge, Safemoon & many others that followed suit.
Often there are stories of investors who invested small amount in these coins and have become
millionaires in few months. The reality however is slightly different from this. With the rise in popularity in
this space, there is also an alarming rise in the number of scams. Numerous people have become
victims to scam projects & rugpulls trying to make money by investing in a rush. Moonradar is an idea
born out of this issue. We want to address this problem by providing key trust indicators to investors
which they can use to analyse a project and decide whether or not to invest. Boosterpad

Use our premium services to boost your token value

GEM hunter

Get access to our GEM notifications by holding MRF tokens.


Manage your GEM portfolio with our Dashboard

Moonradar is a block chain project built purely in the interest of DeX traders, to protect them from falling for numerous rug-pull scams and honeypot scams. The service aims to provide users with a list of safe projects that they can invest in at an early stage and maximize profits. Moonradar also provides the holders of MRF tokens with tools to swap tokens (Moonswap) and to manage portfolio(Moonboard). While the services are free to use, users will have to hold certain amount of MRF tokens to be able to access the premium features and maximize ROI.

$MRF Token
$MRF is a utility token that will be at the core of our ecosystem. The features that we are
currently offering(DeX, Buy Crypto, Dashboard, Donate, Casino) will have to be bought by MRF
tokens. We plan to extend these features further to become a one stop boosterpad solution for
all BSC projects. 90% of the revenue generated from these services will go into staking &
burning, benefiting the holders. Alsso, holders of MRF tokens will get early GEM notifications
from us to help them jump onto a project before anyone else does! We essentially want to help
people build safe & quality projects and connect investors to those projects! MRF lies at the
center of this ecosystem!


Token features
MRF is deflationary. There is a 2% tax on every transaction that goes directly into the BURN
Anti Dump
MRF is anti-dump. When the anti-dump feature is enabled, buyers will not be able to dump their
tokens until a cooldown period has passed. This is set to 60 minutes.
Initial Stability
MRF token starts off with a higher tax of 20% in the initial days making it a difficult choice for
early entrants to sell their tokens. The tax rate cools of over a period of 2 months and settles
down at 2%


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