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Serving Decentralized financial markets. Mintlayer is a long-term, secure solution for scaling and accelerating the future of decentralized finance.
A future-proof blockchain that improves direct token interoperability and enables ways to trade value, create systems, functionalities, and participate in truly trustless finance.
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О проекте Mintlayer

Open-source development meets community-governed finance.

Mintlayer is a long-term, secure solution for scaling and accelerating the future of decentralized finance.

Free access to financial markets is essential to societal progress. Hence, Mintlayer acts as a ground for others to build open capital systems on, developing the future of blockchain-based finance.

Mintlayer is creating the very first sustainable architecture for decentralized finance, inheriting its security model from Bitcoin.


Empowering Bitcoin with a sidechain that liberates finance

They leverage technologically advanced scalability to enforce network & user security, increase node inclusivity, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Tokenization Ecosystem

Tokenize equity, real estate, and other holdings in primary and secondary markets using a legally compliant technical architecture. Supports taxation, investment payouts, and other tokenomic models for utility tokens. No native gas token.

Decentralized Finance

Store your assets, lend, borrow, and trade on a single network, with a wallet that gathers everything in your hands without giving away private keys. Enjoy better reliability and predictability provided by Turing incomplete smart contracts.

Value Transfer and Exchange

Two-way pegging allows cryptocurrencies from various blockchains to interact on a single protocol. With inherited Bitcoin functionalities, Mintlayer offers higher throughput and lower costs for all transactions.


Mintlayer Ecosystem.

The Mintlayer Ecosystem Fund is a partnership between forward-thinking blockchain-oriented investors and other stakeholders of the Mintlayer ecosystem, meant to drive innovation in the burgeoning Bitcoin-centric DeFi ecosystem that is being built on the Mintlayer sidechain.


MLT Token


Anyone can stake tokens and participate in a recurring auction to become a blocksigner and collect transaction fees and rewards from created (mined) blocks. Network users can pay fees in any token transferred on the Mintlayer, including MLT.

Community Engagement

Token holders participate in the decision-making expressing their opinions on the future development of the protocol.

Ecosystem tools

MLT token can be used to cover the fees for network transactions and exclusive services and products within the protocol, such as the token issuance fee that users pay when issuing a token on Mintlayer. RBB LAB services related to Mintlayer can be bought using MLT tokens: smart contract development, security audit, software engineering.


Mintlayer’s protocol eliminates Ethereum’s flaws and enhances its features on the Bitcoin infrastructure.


Delivering scalability

Transaction batching shrinks TX size up to 70%, reducing fees and network pollution, while the second-layer Lightning Network increases transaction throughput.

Enhancing decentralization

Less barriers to run a node helps achieve true decentralization. Further, the built-in DEX allows direct P2P transfers without the risk of censorship or interference.

Providing security

Dynamic Slot Allotment (DSA) consensus refines PoS and eliminates its flaws by enhancing the network security with the help of Bitcoin's blockchain.

Increasing interoperability

Multi-token usability across the network. Cross-blockchain transfers, several token transaction grouping or even peg-in/out are all possible and hassle-free on Mintlayer.

Enabling privacy

UTXO structure and batching procedures help mask individual balance and transfer data. Create tokens with optional “Confidential Transaction” mode, for amplified anonymity.

Reducing frictions

Mintlayer allows financial markets to operate without blockchain’s current limits by enabling cheaper, faster transactions, with free of native gas tokens.

Mintlayer Roadmap

  • 2021

  • Q1
    Mintlayer DSA and DEX prototyping

    Implementation of UTXO and BLS on Substrate

    Testnet fullnode with basic PoS consensus

    Launch of “Von Neumann” Testnet
  • 2022

  • Q1
    New node codebase off Substrate started

    Mobile wallet beta version (Bitcoin enabled)

    Mobile wallet support for Bitcoin Lightning Network

    Launch of “Lovelace” testnet
    Fullnode release candidate for Linux, Windows, Mac
    MLS-01 and MLS-03 standards in testnet
  • 2023

  • Q1
    Mainnet launch

    Mobile wallet integration of MLT and MLS tokens
    Free gas market for transactions
    DSA Consensus System v.0

    Mobile wallet integration of MLT and MLS tokens
    Free gas market for transactions

    WebAssembly Programmable Pools
    Access Control List for MLS-01

    Basic Atomic Swap system
  • 2024

  • Q1
    Atomic Swap DEX with Distributed Hash Table

    Lightning Network Integration

    MLS-02 Confidential Transactions


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Mintlayer enables DeFi for the Lightning Network and Bitcoin.

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