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MiniDogePro has developed a new concept never seen before in the cryptosphere. Our hyper deflationary token does not only reward in Doge, but also other trendy tokens based on community voting. In our unique event “Doge Night Party”, community members are invited to vote for the token they would like to be used as a reward for the weekend. With MiniDogePRO you earn Doge during weekdays and other hot tokens during the weekends.
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О проекте MiniDogePro

This brand-new concept lets us support other communities in crypto by using their token as rewards (based on poll winner voted for by the MiniDogePRO Community) and unite them towards getting Doge to $1. The PRO in MiniDogePRO stands for an extension to what other tokens are typically doing where we through our token innovation unite communities rather than working against them using innovative tokenomics.

Plus, since our other family members are taking care of dogs, we decided to take care of humans in charity program. Our charity will mainly be focused on our own community where we come together and support those members in need.

Originating from an idea shared by millions world wide. We all witnessed the uprise of Doge in early 2021 where Elon Musk decided that fate must meet irony. The rather irrelevant currency at the time became an overnight hero and Doge was all of a sudden known to everyone.

Not only has its valued significantly increased, there are also future use-cases linked to Doge.

Aid us in our mission to get Doge to $1 while enjoying the many perks of MiniDogePRO – a solid choice for all Doge lovers!


Doge Rewards
During weekdays you can be sure to always receive Dogecoin rewards. We also utilize buybacks where the percentage depends on transaction type (buy/sell).

Doge Night Party
A brand new concept that changes the reward in our tokenomics every weekend based on community voting. This way we can support other communities by rewarding our community in their tokens.

Community Charity
We want to help our community and other human beings in need. As we organize charitable events we hope that those can bring economic relief to the people most in need, starting with our own community.

Getting Doge to $1
Our mission is not only to create and maintain a great token ourselves for our community with lots of use case and interesting features, but also to combine efforts to further help the growth of Doge. We call it our mission. Not only do we do this through our tokenomics, we also approach other tokens to join us. So buckle up, and enjoy the ride!


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