Metaverse Miner World

Metaverse Miner World

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Metaverse Miner is a blockchain Gamefi + NFT based on the "Dual Circulation" ecosystem.
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О проекте Metaverse Miner World

In the future, through countless generations of efforts, mankind will finally turn the great dream of “Dyson Ball” into reality, and the energy crisis that plagued human society will be resolved. Human beings simulate real space and time with the supercomputer “droplets” as the core, and synchronize the laws of the universe and human consciousness to the virtual world. The virtual world is like the universe evolving from a singularity, and finally upgraded to a virtual universe that connects all life consciousness. Humans named the virtual universe “Metaverse”. The operation of “Metaverse” requires powerful computing power and energy, and the computing power of “droplets” has gradually reached its limit, which requires the construction of more energy supplies. To this end, the “Metaverse” Management Federation started a project code-named “Metaverse Miner”. It aims to encourage adventurous explorers to explore a wider range of galaxies, use terminal control machines to obtain various primal energies in unfamiliar galaxies, and link “Metaverse” to every human planet through the interstellar logistics network.


Step 1: Be a Star Master or Star Lord

Become a Star Master: To participate in the auction of Planet NFT, you can get the whole planet’s territory and become a Star Master. What you will get then is a certain number of Miner NFT that come from the planet, and meanwhile the Planet NFT will keep generating Miner NFT. But only the Miner NFT can participate in $META mining. Auction will be initiated in the Metaverse Alliance, the number of Planet NFT is limited, and users who can auction NFT first will have the most chance to enter the field first!

Become a Star Lord: If you don’t auction the Planet NFT, you can only get the Miner NFT from the Planet NFT or trade in the secondary market.

Step 2: Buy or Sell the Miner NFT

Miner NFT is equivalent to mining rigs, buying a machine before we can mine. The Planet NFT will continue to produce Miner NFT, users can only use USDT to buy Miner NFT “blind box”, randomly get different Miner NFT. Each Miner NFT on Planet NFT is not only can be in the planet mining, therefore, Star Master should maintain the relationship with the Star Lord, or they will take Miner NFT “leave”.

Step 3: Deposit USDT to Buy “Energy Value”

Miner NFT mining requires “energy value”, which is to top up USDT (equivalent to the electricity you buy mining machines to mine) to buy. Users need to top up this “energy value” in advance before mining. The use of “energy value” will be prompted, “energy value” will also be prompted before it is consumed, and when the “energy value” is insufficient, mining will not be possible.

Step 4: Stake the Miner NFT to Collect Energy

After user has staked the miner NFT to the planet, the terminal controller will be placed on the original planet to continuously obtain “energy” $META.

5% of the $META mined by the player-owned Miner NFT can be owned by the Star Master(Planet owner) and 95% by the Miner NFT owner.

Additional: Lease the Star Master’s Mining Area to Earn

If you don’t have access to the Planet NFT and you don’t buy the Miner NFT, you can participate in the Planet NFT holder’s earnings by paying rent and renting the Star Master’s mine.


Metaverse Miner ecosystem is built from three assets: $META tokens, Planet NFT and Miner NFT as the cornerstone.

The $META token is the payment and equity token of the Metaverse Miner ecosystem, with a maximum supply of only 21 million. All planet NFT auctions must be paid for by bidding with $META. Also, $META will be used for community governance, as well as for the development of the new Metaverse Miner ecosystem value.

Planet NFT is a highly rare core asset of the Metaverse Miner ecosystem. Planet NFT can generate a certain number of Miner NFT in a given cycle, and the mining behavior of Miner NFT must also be associated with the corresponding planet NFT. The holder of a planet NFT not only receives earnings from the sale of miners, but also receives a portion of the mining operation fees and a share of the mining output paid by the holder of the Miner NFT.

Miner NFT is the main solution for the Metaverse Miner ecosystem to achieve $META token distribution and value capture. 70% of the total $META will have staked by Miner NFT for release.

Metaverse Miner World Roadmap

  • Q1, 2021

  • o March: Team established and initial project architecture design completed.
  • Q2, 2021

  • o April: Tokenomics

    o May-June: DApp & Smart Contract
  • Q3, 2021

  • o July: Contract Audit & Private Round

    o August: Officially launched, and first round of Planet NFT auction will be enabled, and Planet NFT started to produce Miner NFT.

    o September: Miner NFT staking & mining will be launched, $META mining will be released.
  • Q4, 2021

  • o October: Second round of Planet NFT auction & ecological partnership.

    o Nov-Dec: Miner system iteration, adding mining efficiency Buff module.
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  • Q1, 2022

  • o Top CEX platform Listing

    o 2.0 Major Iteration: new Metaverse games sessions, strengthen community relationship attributes.


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