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Meta BTS

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Meta BTS is a unique collection of 10000 customized NFTs
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О проекте Meta BTS

There is almost no one who has never heard of BTS korean band that consists of 7 very handsome guys. So, the whole collection is about RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. All of them are portrayed in our NFTs with different characteristics, hairstyles, accessories, clothes and backgrounds. Some of the features are rarer than the others, and consequently those NFTs that are more expensive. As in the case of all NFT collections, not the BTS picture is an asset, but the “certificate of ownership”, in our case a passkey.

Meta BTS Roadmap

  • 2021

  • There is almost no one in the world that hasn't heard of BTS aka the Bangtan Boys, one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world. There are many other K-pop bands, but what makes BTS so special? Most of their fans would answer this question without a blink. Apart from their charisma and talents, they touch our hearts with their deep lyrics. The main focus of their songs is loving ourselves, accepting ourselves and focusing on the value we attach to ourselves through the love that we receive from others.

    We chose BTS as our NFT characters for that reason. We want to support BTS fans in their way to love themselves, to find their own paths and get better people.
  • January 2022

  • Team unity. Launch of Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. Marketing - Twitter, Discord. Launch of the official website. Creating communities - collaborations, gifts, art on the walls, events and competitions. Build relationships with other NFT projects.
  • February 2022

  • The start of the character's design with artists and designers. The selection of the style and facial features, themes, and backgrounds.
  • June 2022

  • After the 20% of the whole collection being sold, there goes a Giveaway of 100 pieces. You can get your unique BTS character absolutely for free, but only once you have already acquired at least one BTS NFT.
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  • July 2022

  • The public sales will be available for everyone on the Opensea platform on 1st July, 2022

    As soon as the first NFT is sold on the Opensea platform, we will draw the sold NFT on the wall of our head office.
  • 20% sale

  • After the 20% of the whole collection being sold, there goes a Giveaway of 100 NFTs. You can get your unique BTS character absolutely for free, but only once you have already acquired at least one BTS NFT.
  • 40% sale

  • After selling 40% of the collection, we will start working on the creation of merchandise. And the owners of the BTS token will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise from our collection for free.
  • 60% sale

  • To support the BTS band and their fans, we will give $100.000 to the BTS fan club as a charity after selling 60% of the collection. We are all here with one goal to unite as BTS fans and contribute to the world and its society.
  • 80% sale

  • And after selling more than 80% of the collection, we are planning to work on the new NFTs that is going to be “BTS A.R.M.Y.” collection. There is a huge opportunity of collaboration with the BTS A.R.M.Y.
  • 95% sale

  • Would you like to have a private online fan meetup with your favorite BTS idols where you have an opportunity to ask them your questions? We are organizing a 100 people online meetup with Bangtan Boys for you after 95% of the collection is sold!


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