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Medibond - это новейшая криптографическая платформа нового поколения, предназначенная для инноваций в фармацевтическом, страховом и медицинском секторах. Medibond стремится улучшить взаимодействие между крупнейшими промышленными игроками здравоохранения, чтобы помочь более эффективно и надежно предоставлять услуги конечным пользователям.
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20 окт. 2017 г.
20 нояб. 2017 г.
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Кепка 200 000 000
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5 авг. 2017 г.
5 сент. 2017 г.
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Около MediBond

О MediBond

Вот что отличает нас от остальных

Система проверки

Полная реализация трисинхронного многозначного протокола что потребует выписки со всех сторон (страхование, Аптеки, Врачи), участвующие в сделке. Это обеспечит целостности данных для медицинских операций и предотвращения мошенничества, чтобы сохраняйте процесс прозрачности рецептов.

Управление медицинскими отчетами

Криптографическое обеспечение хранения и шифрования передача всех медицинских данных через больницы, аптеки, страховки, все на блокчейне. Требуется многозначный знак для предоставления любых данных третьим лицам.

Искусственный интеллект

Мы создаем нашу нейронную сеть для обучения медицинским данным людей на блокчейне, чтобы иметь возможность понимание медицинских работников, помощь им в сужении диагноз для пациентов и оперативное выявление потенциального риска факторов на раннем этапе.

Дорожная карта

  • Whitepaper

  • We will release our Whitepaper on July 18th.
  • Белая бумага

  • Мы опубликуем наш технический документ 18 июля.
  • Token Sale launch

  • Our Token Sale will begin on August 4th at 12:00 a.m. UTC.
  • Открытие токена

  • Наша продажа токенов начнется 4 августа в 12:00 в UTC.
  • Прочитайте больше
  • Конец аукциона продажи

  • Если мы еще не достигли нашей шапки, наша продажа токенов закончится 4 сентября, 12:00. УНИВЕРСАЛЬНОЕ ГЛОБАЛЬНОЕ ВРЕМЯ.
  • Распределение токенов и запуск сети

  • Токены будут распределены среди инвесторов, а филиалы и любые выплаты будут выплачены. Любые оставшиеся токены будут уничтожены, и сеть MediBond запустится. Мы будем перечислены на нескольких торговых биржах для запуска сети.
  • Разработка системы верификации

  • Мы начнем дальнейшее развитие нашей Системы верификации, принимая участие от ведущих игроков в фармацевтическом и страховом сообществе, а также в больницах и врачах первичной медико-санитарной помощи.
  • Развитие управления медицинскими документами

  • Мы начнем работу над «Управление медицинскими документами» и продолжим работу с игроками отрасли, чтобы как можно скорее принять участие в пробных этапах.
  • Разработка нейронной сети AI

  • Мы продолжим реализацию нашей AI Neural Network. Большая часть логики уже завершена, и ее реализация будет выполняться после завершения нашей функции медикаментозных записей, которая будет служить в качестве данных для обучения нашей нейронной сети. Мы будем работать с отраслевыми стандартами для обучения по многим формам медицинских данных, включая результаты МРТ, результаты анализа крови и профили пациентов.




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Darshana Nagekar


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Внимание. Существует риск того, что непроверенные члены на самом деле не являются членами команды

What’s the difference between MediBond and other Health Care Tokens?
Essentially we are trying to bridge the gap in healthcare information technology essentially between insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmacies, especially as it relates to claim backs with prescriptions and other issues that arise where it would be much better to have a 3 way sign off between all entities to avoid claim backs which pharmacies and insurances both suffer time from having to deal with as well as save time between pharmacists and doctors so no communication further than the minimum required will be necessary and overall just trying to transition to a blockchain based system for healthcare data. One thing that I believe separates us distinctly is our vision to bring A.I. into healthcare on the blockchain, allowing access with the patients permission to use their medical data as it relates to personal profile, medical exams, symptoms and their subsequent diagnosis and train our neural network so that medical professionals can quickly narrow down possible diagnosis for patients in the future as well as treatment plans that may be more suitable given the patient's background, DNA, personal profile. The more data we have the better our A.I. will continue to learn and perform.
What happens if the Cap (200 MM Tokens) is reached?
If we reach the cap, then there won't be any leftovers from the 200MM Supply, and will be finalized. All extra tokens, either from the 80% delegated to the Token Sale (unsold ones) or the ones delegated to certain bonuses (unused), will be destroyed at distribution to investors. Only leftovers from the 1% reserved to bounties and the 5% for the development fund will carry over but those will mostly be held by our team, not released onto the market when we are listed by exchanges.
Is the problem one that needs to be solved or is the project creating an unnecessary problem?
MediBond aims to solve a variety of problems in the healthcare industry, particularly in the US, by using the Blockchain. They want to reduce prescription fraud schemes, secure patient medical data more efficiently and even build a neural network to help diagnose illnesses more quickly. These are all real issues that many health insurance companies as well as practices and pharmacies have to deal with. The real question is whether the idea is solid enough to solve these problems.
What is the purpose of the ICO?
Currently we’re self funded in house, and we’ve been spending our own time on this thus far, but that’s why we’re doing this ICO, so that we can hire more talent, developers who have have experience developing apps on the Ethereum network and also be able to pay our current team to complete pending work.
What is the technology and what has the team already developed?
We have developed MediBond for iOS - the world’s first blockchain app that is integrated with Apple’s Health Kit. MediBond is available now for free on all iOS devices, try it for yourself now. In addition to this, we not only have a detailed technical presentation where we go through our features in detail, but we also give a working demo of the AI neural network (proof of concept) towards the end of the video. We hope to be in testing with our partners by early 2018 and then go to expos and conferences for pharmacies and doctors/insurance companies and begin an exclusive invite list for them to trail our platform.
How will the company make money?
MediBond tokens will be used on the platform to purchase storage and to pay for computations that Doctors will do through the neural network (predictive analysis/narrowing of diagnosis and treatment plans based on patient profiles), they plan on taking a small fee yet to be determined in MediBond tokens for each purchase of storage/computational power that will be used by customers. There is a lot of money in the healthcare industry inefficiently allocated so it would seem that this is the kind of service they could easily charge money for.
Is the team talented and do they have any previous experience?
I have spoken with a lot of the team through their Slack and Telegram chat and they all seem very helpful and eager to answer any questions and work well as a team. Their full profiles and LinkedIn accounts are available on their website and although they are relatively new to the game they seem competent and are bringing on advisors in the industry after the ICO finishes.
Is there any relevant competition?
There is some valid competition in the area of medical records storage (e.g. Blockhead Health and Patientory) however neither of them really address the problem of fraud between pharmacies, doctors, insurances neither do they have a neural network to assist with predictive diagnosis or treatment plans, whilst MediBond have a working proof of concept demo of the latter and have presented it in their team presentation video.
What coins do you accept?
We are only accepting Ethereum during the ICO.
When will be MediBond tokens be delivered?
Once your ETH payment has arrived you will receive your MediBond Tokens instantly.

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