Mastermind Games Ascension

Mastermind Games Ascension

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MasterMind Games is an all-in-one games hosting platform. Enable the ability for gamers to buy & sell digital games (Mint2Play) as well as in-game assets. For the first time ever, gamers will be able to recycle their hard earned money back into their pockets from any game that they're no longer play. Creating a win/win leveled playing field between developers and gamers!
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Pre Sale
10 авг. 2022 г.
15 авг. 2022 г.
100% завершено
Привлеченные средства - нет данных
Cap 25.00
Hard cap 50.00
Детали токена
Бегущая строка
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Распределение токенов
Transactional tax 6%
• 3% Development
• 2% Marketing
• 1% Liquidity
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О проекте Mastermind Games Ascension


Mastermind Games is an all-in-one solution for centralized gaming and trading while offering a wide array of valuable services from marketing to finance. Our mission is to take “Mastermind Games” to new heights by providing players with an innovative, user-friendly, all-in-one platform to provide all users an equal chance to manage and improve their financial security along with enjoying the games on the Mastermind Games platform.

Mastermind Games future will be about our community and society of gamers. With our long-term-oriented projects & providing the choices of “fun” on Play2Earn, Free2Play, Pay2Play, Mint2Play©️ games and in-game Assets and bundles etc. We will keep focus and retain our investors by offering exclusive options and future contracts to support the gaming ecosystem.


We envision a platform where gamers and developers can be unified with providing fun, along with equality and fairness for the ways gamers choose to invest on the contents. Mastermind Games aims cater everything they need in one gaming ecosystem. We also combined wealth-building strategies that were previously only available to accredited investors. With our platform, a new level of leverage is now submerged from traditional gaming and the revolutions of decentralized finance (DeFi) become available to everyone, restoring the people’s control over their finances in gaming.

The Mastermind Games network constitutes an innovative ecosystem to attract more people to digital assets & various option of gaming while maintaining their privacy, security, authority and autonomy. Our objective is to increase global economic freedom for gaming enthusiast.

Why Choose MasterMind Games?

Transparency & Immutability

With Mastermind Games, each time an exchange of tokens is recorded on the multi-blockchain, an audit trail is present to trace where the token came from. This can not only help improve security and prevent fraud in exchange related businesses, but it can also help verify the authenticity of the traded assets.

Lower Fees and Security

The fees associated with Mastermind Games Ascension token transactions are far less than those associated with debit, credit cards as well as wire transfers, and BACS payments. Mastermind Games is a secure and private crypto currency that keeps the investor’s assets anonymous without compromising security.

Transaction Traceability

Mastermind Games is far more secure than other record-keeping systems because each new transaction is encrypted and linked to the previous transaction. Mastermind Games is formed by a complicated string of mathematical numbers and is impossible to be altered. The immutable and incorruptibility of Mastermind Games makes it resilient against falsified information and vulnerabilities.

Ease of use

Ease of use is the reason why Mastermind Games has intrinsic value. All you need is a smart device and internet connectivity. Investors can easily earn rewards by holding the token.

Safe & Secure

Mastermind Games is a safe and secure platform and our technical team is continuously improving the security of the system to ensure the safety of platform.


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Tomo Bacurin
CEO – Founder – LONGPLAY C.O.O
Team assistance – Administration
Games Platform Manager

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