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The LetStudy platform is a blockchain-based decentralized education service platform. The main purpose of LetStudy is to create an ecosystem on blockchain to improve the educational area, especially after the Covid pandemic.
1 авг. 2021 г.
1 авг. 2022 г.
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Ticker: LSC
Token standard: BEP-20
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Receive 30% of LSC when referral user buy the LSC token
Receive 20% of BNB (value of deposit) when referral user buy the LSC token
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MVP / Prototype
Binance Smart Chain

О проекте LetStudy

What Is LetStudy (LSC)?
- The LetStudy platform is a blockchain-based decentralized education service platform. The main purpose of LetStudy is to create an ecosystem on blockchain to improve the educational area, especially after the Covid pandemic.

LetStudy is the native utility token that is used for:
- Pay for tuition fees on the E-Learning Platform (LetStudy and LetTutor).
- Staking option that will create the passive income from the profit from operation of LetStudy Ecosystem. By staking LSC, investors will receive
part of the income generated from E-Learning Platform, LetExchange trading and LetStarter crowdfunding.
- Holding LSC, investors can vote in the project development and grant the most interesting projects built in the LSC ecosystem.


LetStudy platform include:
- E-Learning Platform: The instructors and learners join the E-Learning Platform to teach and learn through 2 forms: video course learning (similar to Udemy, Cousera, Pluralsight…) or 1-on-1 real-time video conference learning.
- LetLearn: Online Course Learning: LetLearn is a global marketplace for learning and instruction. LetLearn is a platform that allows instructors to build online courses on their preferred topics. The instructors can create courses on LetLearn by uploading videos, PDFs, audio with course creation tools. The instructors can also engage and interact with users via online discussion boards
- The NFT token to represent the video learning course: The LetStudy ecosystem will use NFTs to represent the video learning courses for the teacher. The NFT token contains information to identify the course content, the creator and the owner of the course. As the NFT is backed by the blockchain, the history of the smart contract is effectively secured, and - as they are unique by design - they would be tied to a video course. Whilst the NFT could technically be sold on, the associated metadata will still point back to the course which was created by the instructor and stored on LetStudy cloud.
- LetTutor: Online Tutoring System: LetTutor is a global tutor resource sharing platform (peer-to-peer face-to-face learning platform via video conference with interaction between teachers and learners) in the LetStudy ecosystem. You could use LetTutor to find many kinds of tutors, teachers, coaches, and experts from many countries to help you accomplish your learning goals. We create a market to connect the millions of instructors and learners to teach and learn through video conference technology. Our technology is secure and the system can scale to hundreds of thousands of video tutoring call sessions at the same time.
- LetStarter - Startups can raise funds on a secure platform: LetStarter is a decentralized project that helps startups/projects/scholarship funds be able to raise and exchange capital cheaply and fastly. Users will be able to participate in a secure and compliant environment and to use assets that go way beyond the current ERC20 standard. Startups and projects can raise funds on LetStarter’s interoperable and decentralized infrastructure. The crowdfunding at LetStarter will be performed only with LSC Token as the currency.
- LetExchange - Decentralized trading platform: LetExchange is a market-making decentralized exchange based on the concept of fund pools. The projects, successfully raising funds on LetStarter, will be supported to be listed on LetExchange to create a liquid pool for trading and allow investors to stake tokens for profit.

LetStudy Roadmap

  • 2020 Q4

  • Concept Generation
    Settlement of LetStudy team
    Ecosystem infrastructure
    Main site created
  • 2021 Q1

  • E-learning platform started
    Promotion video created
    White paper completion
  • 2021 Q2

  • LetTutor started
    Airdrop LetStudy coin
    Launching MVP LetLearn
    Gain the first 50 video courses for LetLearn
  • 2021 Q3

  • Launchpad ICO
    Listing on CoinMarketCap
    Release LetLearn on Apple/PlayStore
    Marketing for LetLearn
    Launching LetTutor
  • Прочитайте больше
  • 2021 Q4

  • LetStarter started
    LetExchange started
    The NFT to tokenize video course
    Integrate LSC payment
    Mass Marketing for LetTutor
    Gain at least 5.000 videos call hours for LetTutor
  • 2022 Q1

  • Build features for LetStarter
    Build features for LetExchange
    Gain 1.000 instructors and 50.000 students for LetLearn
    Gain 1.000 instructors & 60.000 video call tutoring hours per month for LetTutor
  • 2022 Q2

  • Launching LetStarer
    Launching LetExchange
    Gain 10.000 instructors and 500.000 students for LetLearn
    Gain 10.000 instructors & 600.000 video call tutoring hours per month for LetTutor
  • 2022 Q3

  • Full ecosystem completed


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LetStudy Команда

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Khanh Nguyen

LetStudy Интервью

Khanh Nguyen
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the CTO & Lead Blockchain of the LetStudy platform. I lead the day-to-day operations and make sure we apply the most modern technology to build our services and apply blockchain to bring success to our partners, investors, and teams.
What do you think about idea?
The main purpose of LetStudy is to create an ecosystem on blockchain to improve the educational area that connects instructors and students through video learning and real-time video conference tutoring.
LSC token and video learning courses as NFTs will provide the content creators with strong revenue streams and enrich the connections between students and instructors. By investing in LSC token, investors can share the LetStudy ecosystem's profit as the system grows.

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