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Infinito is a professional R&D house and accomplished blockchain service and solution provider based in Singapore.
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О проекте Infinito

Who Is Infinito?

Infinito is a professional R&D house and accomplished blockchain service and solution provider based in Singapore. We power safe and efficient utilization of blockchain for businesses of any scale and industry. By providing expert solutions, either turnkey or tailor-made, we accompany and empower businesses to utilize and benefit from this powerful technology in a time, cost, and resource-efficient manner, while delivering greater value to customers.


A highly-skilled team of over 300 blockchain experts covering all fields and numerous client service offices across Southeast Asia.


From Consultancy, Development, and System Integration to Business and Marketing services: a true one-stop shop for all blockchain needs.


In-house turnkey or tailorable solutions and services for startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and world-class enterprises.

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Infinito Обзоры

ICO Pantera
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Midgard Research
Infinito Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that partners with over 2,000 projects to provide a safe and easy way of storing and accessing money. This project allows you to spend your cryptocurrencies, earn on lending, easily exchange and buy almost any currency available.
The safety of their wallets is protected by world-class security measures that are implemented on all levels of interaction with the app. Authentication layers include passwords, fingerprints, and strong private-key encryption. Infinito passed rigorous audits from third-party security auditors like SmartDec. To further secure all transactions Infinito allows you to profile check on blockchain addresses and get a detailed risk report before sending money, as well as employing Token Veri-Signs that shows you the authentic token and its smart contract address.
Digital Identity management is one of the most helpful features which allows you to  register your digital profile and use it for other blockchain registrations.
Briefly, Infinito wallet features include:
- Portfolio management combines all your wallets to provide the most accurate information;
- Real time price tracking, with available notifications for price changes;
- Multi-wallet allows to easily add and switch between accounts;
- Import and export private keys for full control;
- Export transaction history, already systematized by date and coin type;
- Fiat-getaway already included, making purchases and selling of currencies easy as ever;
… and many more both implemented and in active development.
In fact, Infinito has a complete ecosystem with four essential segments: Infinito Wallet, Infinito Pay, Infinito App Squre and Blockchain plateform. Other than Infinito Wallet as the key part to provide a good user experience to the target users while Infinito Pay plays a role as the link in the eco-system to provide a transparent payment method thanks to the smart contracts along with the coordination of App Square and Blockchain Platform as the technical base to provide a great situation for the developers.
The App Square integrated inside the Infinito Wallet allows to add favourite DApps to enjoy, while letting DApp creators reach more people. At the same time, Blockchain Platform gives developers an opportunity to build DApps more easily by using plug-and-play modules and. Infinito Pay is a seamless hassle-free experience making it more convenient and easier.
For a blockchain project, the capacity of community and the consensus can not be avoided. In Infinito case, the strong features and the bright future of its whole ecosystem has already helped Infinito establish strong communities around the world.
This project is not listed yet - but we believe it is worth to follow their channels for upcoming big news that should arrive soon according to our sources!
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