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Multi-Chain DEX
Cross-chain bridges are key to ecosystem growth. By preventing fragmentation of liquidity across chains they improve efficiency and price discovery
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О проекте Heshfi

HESH.FI offers a low-fee automated market maker (AMMs) exchange along with yield farming opportunities for users. It runs over Ethereum with the scalability of ‘layer-2’ platforms. The protocol would also offer social tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and plans to launch on the Polygon network initially.

AMMs, for the uninitiated, are smart contract-based DEXs that allow users to trade cryptocurrencies in a wholly permissionless manner via the use of decentralized liquidity pools (as opposed to the traditional market where buyers or sellers could be centralized). Most AMMs run on a certain blockchain and allow users to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens related to that particular blockchain. This means an Ethereum-based DEX can only facilitate the trading of Ethereum and other ERC20 assets (and not tokens issued on Tron, Solana, or Binance Smart Chain).

HESH.FI solves just that. Whenever a user requests a trade on the platform, its ‘nodes’ search different blockchains to fill the order at the lowest slippage possible. This means, for example, that a user wishes to trade ETH/USDT via HESH.FI using the Ethereum network, the protocol would try and find a better trade on a different blockchain (say, Solana) and execute the order.

As such, the nodes themselves use Router Protocol’s cross-chain bridges to allow information- and value-transfer between different HESH.FI nodes. For the uninitiated, Router Protocol is building a liquidity super mesh connecting multiple cross chains; currently, the testnet supports Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, HECO, and Avalanche, and soon Algorand, Solana and Terra will be added as well.

The nodes are spread across multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains and allow HESH.FI to act as a multi-chain DEX, meaning users can conduct their on-chain, permissionless trades seamlessly across several blockchains from a single interface.

Heshfi Roadmap

  • 2021 Q3

  • Development Starts

    * Launch Beta AMM exchange on Polygon
  • Q4

  • Spacefarm Launch

    • Meta-transactions integration

    • Zero gas costs for users
  • 2022 Q1

  • GalaxyFarm

    • AMM enhancements

    • L2 farm yielding 5 tokens for every liquidity pair
  • Q2

  • Hesh.Fi nodes on other chains - BSC, Polka, Avalanche, Solana;

    Hesh.Fi token as collateral on platforms;

    TGE Listing on Uniswap L1/Hesh.Fi L2
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  • Q3

  • Integration with Router Aggregator;

    Single Asset staking/impermanent loss hedging;

    Launch of cross-chain IDO platform (L2); ‘Intelligent’ Market Maker
  • Q4

  • Cross-chain credit markets infra/tools to enable seamless cross collateralization and borrowing across chains


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