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Building GreenCredit reserve to power transactional efficiency for the Crypto Blockchains. Community driven, fair launched DEFI token.
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Детали токена
Общее предложение
Распределение токенов
10% transaction fee
5% to liquidity
5% redisrtibuted to holders
35% Burned.
Бонусная структура
5% redistribution means you get a percentage 5% of all transactions sent straight to your wallet.
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О проекте GREEN DOGE

Green Doge is a token created to fix transactional energy (Hello Elon Musk!) across Crypto blockchains as well as to reward holders and incentivize long-term holding of the token. In Phase 1 – Each transaction with GreenDoge will send a donation to Trees.Org building GreenCredits, we have large-mid cap coins who are ready to partner with us to buy these GreenCredits and reduce their Carbon Tax (and not get wrecked by Elon). In time we are building protocol to reduce transaction hops to run energy efficiency blockchains. This will be massive as we get new chains like ADA Smart contracts go LIVE.

A 10% tax on each transaction ensures holders are rewarded and have a massive 5% redistributed to each wallet. Another 5% added to liquidity ensures stability and minimizes the risk of a rug pull or a massive whale-dump, similar to the Safemoon recent $10M dump, causing a large crash in the market and hurting holders in the process.

An innovative system of setting a cap on each transaction ensures whales are not welcome here. We have designed Green Doge to have a maximum amount of 1% supply of the total market per transaction. This means at any point in time, any person who wants to sell or buy a large amount of tokens will have a maximum of 1% available per transaction. This will be so that no one can dump >1% in one transaction, aiming to reduce the risk of whale-dumping and even providing a safety feature against rugpulling


  • Q1 2021 - Protocol Initialised

  • We have successfully deployed the contract on BSC. We have built security for token holders with transactional limits zeroing down on any whale action.
  • Q2 2021 - The initial Push

  • We have built a strong marketing team with members across the globe. Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing coming. We GO LIVE and to the moon.
  • Q3 2021 - Go Green Partnerships

  • We will be integrating GreenDoge with large-mid cap projects. We have some big names in the works GreenCredit integration process with legal paperwork. We will be expanding our team by over 50% to build and deploy and market across blockchains. We will explore bigger more listings with a minimum target of 2 well known exchanges.
  • Q4 2021 - To the Moon

  • We will be exploring other exchanges (i.e. Binance) and begin architecting the GreenDoge framework across blockchains. We are targeting Cardano with the launch of smart contracts.


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