Galactic Defenders

Galactic Defenders

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What’s the GALACTIC DEFENDERS origin and what’s their future? The year is 2050. Humans are an interplanetary species & have all but abandoned the post-apocalyptic shatters of society on earth. Robots have taken over. One crime-ridden, nondescript inner city is inhabited by a group of robots collectively known as the GALACTIC DEFENDERS. This is their story, & GALACTIC DEFENDERS owners determine their future. Will the Robots go to war with other competing species on the blockchain? Who knows. Their future is yet to be determined, & their fate will be in your hands.
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О проекте Galactic Defenders

Our goal is to enable NFT’s values to grow beyond the artistic and benefit the holders in the long run. G.D. NFT holders not only can enjoy community benefits but can also Get continuous benefits from the experimental features. We believe that Solana is the cornerstone of the next-generation Internet, so we chose SOL as the first token of our experiment. Through expanding the applications of NFT, we will continue to explore the potentials of the intersection of NFT as well as other emerging fields of the blockchain universe.

Galactic Defenders Roadmap

  • 1

  • 0% - TB-NFT mechanism start working!
    10% of the minting fee will be stored back of each Galactic Defender NFT as the initial when it is minted. Every time each Galactic Defender NFT is traded on Magic Eden, 3% of the payment amount will be stored in the NFT itself. The token value stored will keep accumulating as the volume of trades goes up.
  • 2

  • 10% - A.G.E DAO established!
    A.G.E DAO established! Defenders-only Discord channel will be opened exclusively to Galactic Defender NFT holders where guardians can propose ideas and build the alliance together.
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  • 30% - Airdrop!
    30 SOL will be airdropped in the back of first 30% Galactic Defenders NFTs evenly. And prizes of giveaways/contest will be airdropped to winners and early community contributors.
  • 4

  • 60% - Community Fund!
    Community Fund of 20SOL established. The fund will be used to benefit the whole community. At first it will be used to prize government of Galaxy Defenders DAO. Besides it will be used to prize anyone’s contributions to the community (ideas of NFT+DeFi, design, develop or anything that the community values) in form of giveaways, contests, airdrops, etc. On top of that, 1% of trading volume on secondary market will go into the community funds forever!
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  • 5

  • 90% - Charitable donation!
    5 SOL will be donated to charity in the name of the Galactic Defenders community. We are currently exploring the best institutions for us to make a gift.
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  • 100% - Liquidity pool!
    We will establish a liquidity pool and seed it to help stabilize the price of Galactic Defenders NFT. The plan is to launch this 3-4 days after the mint ends and buy up a handful of Galactic Defenders at the floor price.
  • 7

  • Q2/2022 - HOLD-TO-EARN features launch!
    The hold-to-earn features will enable Defenders (holders) to earn passive income from the experimental DeFi feature of Galactic Defenders. Every defenders starts earning passive income based on the token amount backed and the holding time of Galactic Defenders NFT. We are open to discussing more innovative ideas about NFT+DeDi.
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  • Guardians-only surprises!
    We will keep evolving our NFTs to bring more creative momentum to the project. More innovative features(of NFT+DeFi, generative art, metaverse, etc.) are being explored and developed to benefit the Defenders.


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