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The leading Exercise-to-Earn web3 lifestyle app on blockchain with both GameFi and SocialFi elements
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О проекте FITN

Gathering a seasoned team with the ambition to build up a healthier world when the sedentary lifestyle is taking dominance over others in the world, FITN is developed as the answer to this puzzle. FITN is the leading Exercise-to-Earn web3 lifestyle app on the blockchain with both GameFi and SocialFi elements. FITN is built on the BNB chain. Our goal is to bring an unparalleled fitness solution which helps improve public health in general as well as offer our investors and users various sustainable opportunities to earn with Exercise-to-Earn concept. Different from M2E concept, E2E allows users to do exercise in general such as walking, jogging, skipping, running, playing sport, cycling or even workout to keep fit and make profit simultaneously.

Unique Selling Propositions      
  •   A wide range of E2E modes, including jogging, running, cycling, even workout and yoga/mediation, etc., with assorted challenges and minigames.
  •   Users can have NFTs customized by themselves and display them in their AR Rooms.
  •   SocialFi elements (invite friends, clubs, trainer clubs with scholarship, etc.) allow users to connect and exercise together.
  •   Health stats are closely tracked by online tools and reports are sent to users' email every month.
  •   Free-to-play mechanism for users to experience the play modes instantly in 7 days of trial.

FITN Roadmap

  • Q1/2022

  • Project team building
  • Q2/2022

  • Website & White paper public
    Community Building
    First Airdrop & Referral Program
    NFT Marketplaces web building
    Project trailer releasing
  • Q3/2022

  • DApp Marketplace
    Solo mode
    Group mode
    Trail/Marathon mode:
    App beta version release
    Partnership with sport brand
  • Q4/2022

  • Challenging mode
    Coaching mode
    NFT rental system
    NFT Breeding
    Trainer hiring
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  • Q1/2023

  • AR room
    DApp community
    Inapp referral program
    Staking pool
  • Q2/2023

  • App new features update
    Marketplace update
    NFT customization
    Community event
  • Q3/2023

  • CEX listing
    World tournament
    Monthly health report system
  • Q4/2023

  • Health stats checking tool
    Workout and yoga/meditation features
    FITN merch store opening


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