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апр., 2018
май, 2018
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О проекте Feebeecoin

Feebeecoin (FBC) is a virtual currency unit developed by a team of programmers and traders with extensive experience in the financial field with the aim of creating a better alternative to the currently existing crypto currency and fiat money. Provided with sophisticated mathematical algorithms launched on hundreds of thousands of computers, it does not need the participation of banking organizations and other intermediary structures acting in everyday life as a guarantor of financial transactions. Accordingly, your assets in the FBC will not be controlled by banks, governments, or any other structures that can now, at any moment, arrest your usual fiat money that are placed on your accounts. Feebeecoin does not have physical banknotes or coins, all its transactions are made on the Internet and are available in clear form. High transaction speed, meets all the needs of users of electronic cash. FBC is equally applicable for both financial transactions and consumer settlements. Feebeecoin greatly simplifies life as someone who has already got used to using crypto currency, and to someone who still lives in the world of fiat money. There is no central server in the network block, no one can cancel the operations you performed or indicate how you manage your currency, it's a completely peer-to-peer network. You can join this network, using your computer as a server, and not doing it, which does not deprive you of its advantages. Today, advanced blockchain technology allows the creation of decentralized financial payment networks. Now, credit organizations and other intermediaries are not needed to transfer money from one person to another. We do not need financial institutions to invest our funds or dispose them in any other way. Banks can go bankrupt, lose your transaction as a result of a failure on the central server, or block your account if they do not like something. Hundreds of thousands of computers are involved In the transactions of Feebeecoin on the whole planet, the wellcoordinated work of which helps to avoid these problems. All network transactions are completely anonymous and secure. However, each user can see any transaction in the distributed registry of the block. But you will never know the name of the one who committed it, only if he does not wish to disclose it. Full compliance with user needs, speed, anonymity, security and minimum fees, in a compartment with high crypto community support make Feebeecoin an integral part of the future economy.


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