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The EQO token is the catalyst to enhance your crypto wealth. Earn, stake, and trade EQO today.
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О проекте EQUOS

EQONEX addresses the reputational risk factors prevalent in the crypto industry, implementing robust KYC/AML processes, crypto-asset provenance checks, enhanced security, and institutional architecture designed to bank-grade standards


As part of a Nasdaq-listed company, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency, governance, and compliance. EQONEX operates under an exemption from Singapore’s Payment Services Act provided by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


EQONEX is one of only a few crypto exchanges that does not make markets on its exchange, avoiding the conflict of trading against its own clients. We use only external market makers and we do not sell trading data to third parties. All clients trade on a transparent orderbook and have the same information.


Easily deposit fiat currency or crypto and enjoy fully- backed fee free USD/USDC fungibility.

EQONEX offers industry-standard FIX 4.4 API connectivity, digital asset industry-standard Web-socket and CCXT, and continuous session REST APIs.


How EQONEX brings Digital Assets to You

ROBUST GOVERNANCE INSTITUTIONAL ARCHITECTURE INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY CAPITAL EFFICIENCY KEY DIFFERENTIATORS ROBUST GOVERNANCE No Internal Market Makers Every trader, liquidity provider, and institution trades on the same information. EQONEX does not market make on its own exchange and conducts daily market surveillance to minimize the risk of market manipulation. Tier 1 Jurisdiction Regulation EQONEX operates under an exemption from Singapore’s Payment Services Act provided by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The exchange has applied for a full license. INSTITUTIONAL ARCHITECTURE Trusted 3rd party Liquidity Partners Our liquidity providers are some of the most significant Market Makers in the industry and ensure good liquidity and tight spreads at all times. Segregation of Duties All institutional accounts offer segregation of duties features, which allow for admin/AP and deposit/withdrawal controls. Multi-Account Structure Institutional clients can operate under a single entity with multiple trading accounts, allowing clients to manage and monitor their portfolios similarly to trading desks within traditional financial institutions. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY
API TestNet Access a full-service API TestNet testing facility platform for third party-integration.


Fix 4.4, WebSocket, and Rest APIs EQONEX offers an industry-standard FIX 4.4 API, a digital asset industry-standard WebSocket, and continuous session REST APIs.
CCXT Library CCXT Certification is available alongside in-house integration support. CAPITAL EFFICIENCY
Manage Spot and Futures from one account EQONEX is a fully integrated spot and futures exchange, which means you can use one account to manage both your spot and futures positions.
Cross-Collateralization Our platform is being built to allow cross-collateralization, enabling clients to use stablecoins and other crypto-assets as margins for leveraged trades.
Isolated Margin Retail traders can use Sub Accounts to allocate a specific amount of capital as margin for a particular position or combination of positions and trade this independently of their other accounts as a separate bucket of risk.
Optimized Liquidation Traders receive the best available price for liquidation orders and, if the execution price is better than the Zero Price, get to keep any margin left in their account. KEY DIFFERENTIATORS
Liquidation Platform EQONEX has a designated order book solely to take on liquidation orders. Market Makers competing for liquidations provide greater order book liquidity, resulting in better prices.
Managed Accounts Retail clients can soon benefit from expert traders on the EQONEX platform by inviting other users to trade on their accounts on their behalf.
Aggregated fiat and crypto markets Traders can trade pairs against USDC regardless of whether they manage their account in USD or USDC. EQONEX provides this seamless access on behalf of the trader at no cost.


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