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A new Meta has been discovered on Earth. Behold, EnigmaX! An enigma robot who has been idle on earth core for hundred years, coming with meteor shower from unidentified planet in search for his master and compatriot. EnigmaX did empowered with mysterious energy that helps surrounding environment to irradiate against the darkness of cyptocurrencies.
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Buy 7%:
3% is added to the liquidity pool
4% for community engagement programs plus ongoing marketing campaign & future CEX
listing expenses

Sell 9%:
3% is added to the liquidity pool
6% for community engagement programs plus ongoing marketing campaign & future CEX
listing expenses
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О проекте EnigmaX

Due to the ability to transfer non-fungible tokens into gaming ecosystems, our play-to-earn tokenomics are quite simple. Users will purchase NFT avatars and accessories for the game using EnigmaX tokens, and these tokens are then redistributed to the users playing the game. Or, users can stake those NFTs and gain rewards in EnigmXx tokens, its so simple to earn.

To maintain our “fun, but serious” theme, we envision multiple eventual utilities for EnigmaX token. However, our focus in quarter two is to begin development of two distinct utilities that we deemed as the highest priority.

The “fun” one, a play-to-earn game, and the “serious” one, a creative contribution to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. This lite paper will focus solely on our plans for the play to earn game, and another lite paper will be released at a future date, alongside a minimum viable product, to describe our plans for DeFi.


EnigmaX is composed by a mid-number of well experienced, highly motivated with a passion for crypto. The team has proven experience delivering safe crypto projects which consist of a solidity dev, expert graphic designer, game developer and of course some seasoned crypto veterans with extensive experience in marketing and connections in crypto world. Trust is earnt through honesty and consistent performance, and we look forward to earning the community’s trust in this project


From the start of this project, the team had one goal in mind - we want to create a platform for the community, one that gives back to them & does this in a fun way. Thus, this is why we implement marketing pool on every transaction. Post launch, on top of marketing and advertising cost to pay, we plan to continuously develop new concepts for games & competitions that the community will engage in fun manner and able to participate in, thus profiting from this pool

EnigmaX Roadmap

  • 25% - Phase 1

  • • Telegram group & Twitter created
    • Website launch
    • Influencers collaboration and partnership
    • Audit by InterFi Audit Company
    • Presale on Unicrypt and launch.
  • 50% - Phase 2

  • • Community FUN contest and giveaways
    • More marketing (influencers and social media ads)
    • NFTs & Staking development
    • 5,000 holders
    • Coingecko listed
    • Coinmarketcap listed
    • Release of limited edition EnigmaX NFTs which manually designed by professional artists. Those random unique NFTs have a different rarity system for staking and gaming in future.
    • NFTs Staking launched
    • EnigmaX gaming development
    • Minor CEX listing
  • 75% - Phase 3

  • • Teaser of EnigmaX gaming meta and testing game for beta version
    • Collaboration with more NFT’s artist worldwide
    • NFT’s marketplace & Staking platform launched
    • More marketing & influencer partnership development
    • Ongoing paid advertising
    • 20,000 holder growth target
    • Major CEX listing
  • 100% - Phase 4

  • • Release of EnigmaX gaming metaverse
    • Advance worldwide marketing/advertising full blast campaign
    • Partnership with Crypto Expo/World Blockchain Summit
    • 100,000 holder growth target
    • Top 3 world ranking CEX listing
    • Community FUN contest and giveaways worldwide


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