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Dracoo Master is a new game where players collect DRA tokens through adventures and battles in the game . Meanwhile, players could collect and evolve different kinds of Dracoos to earn DRA tokens through battle. Dracoo NFT could be traded on the NFT market.
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О проекте DracooMaster

Dracoo Master is a deck-building game based on blockchain technologies. You are capable of building a Dracoo team to compete with others, and receive rewards through battles. Dracoo Master's gameplay combines teamwork with individual skills. Dracoo Master also offers PVE and PVP game modes to allow you to challenge yourself, the monthly updates with charming rewards await you to discover more. Dracoo delivers a brand new gaming experience and ensures that every single battle is unique to its own. Arm yourself with hundreds of unique abilities and challenge yourself to compose your ultimate strategy by testing your skills in Dracoo Masters.From the moment you set foot on the Dracoo Master battlefield, the fiercest battle has been waiting for you.

DracooMaster Roadmap

  • Stage 1

  • Project Established
    Founding Team Recruitment
    Project Art Style
    Technical Feasibility Analysis
    System Design
    Facebook / twitter account online
    Official Social Media Accounts
    Website Launch
    Token/Non-functional Contracts
  • Stage 2

  • Dracoo NFT Pre-sale
    Publish Whitepaper
    Publish Trailer
    Demo Launch
    Publish Dracoo Tokens
    CMC & Coingecko Launch
    Dracoo Market Launch
    Dracoo Origin NFT Pre-sale
  • Stage 3

  • Dracoo Breeding System Launch
    Vote on Origin Dracoo Blind Box Avatars
    Journey Mode (PvE) Testing
    Publication of the First Joint Dracoo NFT
    Roguelike Journey Mode (1.0) Beta
    Peak Reward System Goes Live
    The First Mass Production of Dracoo Art Blind Boxes
    Summoner Skill System
    PvP Competitive Mode (2.0) Launch
  • Stage 4

  • Arena Raid Leaderboard Live
    Second Group of 45+5 Origin Dracoo Live
    Summoner Joint NFT Sales
    Summoner NFT Leveling System Live
    Dracoo Recycling System Live
    First Group of Dracoo Artistic Blind Box Sales
    Guild System (3.0) Live
    City Raiding Mode Live
    Third Group of 45+5 Origin Dracoo Live


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