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doogee is version 2.0 of DOGE, a complete evolution of DOGE ! Auto Pump & Burn, Auto Farm and Auto Add LP
Doogee introduce video on the way
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Buy %12 fee = %3 auto farm + %3 market/develop + %3 LP + %3 burn
Sell %18 fee = %3 auto farm + %5 market/develop + %5 LP + %5 bur
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Binance Smart Chain

Техническая информация

Auto Farm (Wealth Redistribution):
This part will be shared by all token holders according to their percentage of holdings.

This part will be used to cover the marketing and development costs(Close DAO decides the right of use. Doogee holders with more than $300,000 usd doogee can apply to join Close DAO)

Auto Add Liquidity:
This part will be used to enrich the liquidity pool by automatically supplying liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Auto Pump & Burn:
This part will be temporarily stored by the contract. A process of buyback and burn will be executed when a threshold amount of storage is reached, which would drive a drastic upward momentum.


1. Download Safepal Wallet

Download wallet App from Safepal Website or App Sore
create a BSC address in the SafePal wallet after successfully installing the SafePal App

2. Get BNB(BEP20) from binance or your friends for Gas fee

You can download or register binance Here
After purchasing BNB, make a withdrawal to the BSC address you created in Safepal

3. Buy Doogee from pancakeswap

Once you have your BSC wallet and address and BNB you can go to Pancakeswap and swap BNB for Doogee Click here to Buy Remember to set the slippage to 13% or more

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If you want to check out more, you can click the linktree.

Doogee is version 2.0 of DOGE, Auto Pump & Burn, Auto Farm and Auto Add Liquidity.


  • 🚀 Phase 1

  • Launch website\social media\community
    Doogee token Presale
    Getting listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko
    Influencer marketing push
    Building a strong community
    Apply contract Audit
    One click buy function (Zap)
  • Phase 2

  • charity partnership (Helping street dogs around the world)
    Expand marketing team
    Top10 CEX (Exchange) listing
    100k holders
    80k telegram members
    More memes from community
  • 🚀 Phase 3

  • Listings on Top5 CEX
    500k holders
    20k telegram members
    Give away Tesla to promote campaign of doogee vs doge at 1B market cap
  • 🚀 Phase 4

  • 1 doogee = 1 doge
    Make Doogee a global currency
    100b market cap
    1b doogee token holders


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