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An Individual Retirement Account designed specifically for Decentralized Exchanges.

Fully automated BNB redistribution, multi-currency dividend rewards, advanced buyback protocols and tokenomics that promote longterm hodling and wealth generation.
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О проекте dexIRA

dexIRA provides fully automated multi-currency dividend rewards, advanced buyback protocols and tokenomics that promote long term holding and wealth generation.

The platform is based on the synergy of two concepts: DEX (decentralized exchanges) and IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts). Borrowing from the long-term investment idea behind a traditional IRA, dexIRA investors can grow their holdings commission-free similar to tax-free IRA contributions. This allows members to increase their stake in the reward pool over time without sacrificing initial capital.

After a one-year holding period, investors can sell their DEX holdings tax-free and penalty-free. However, similar to the age restrictions on a traditional IRA, if holders choose to sell early, they're penalized.


Buyback System

As part of our unique buyback process, the contract recognizes when a sale is made and then immediately buys a portion back in order to relieve sell pressure. Tokens that are bought back are then burned forever.

Auto-claimed Rewards

A % of all sell orders is taken and automatically re-distributed to dexIRA holders. No claiming necessary. Simply hang on tight to your dexIRA’s and watch your wallet grow.

Automatic Liquidity Pool

A % of all sell orders contributes toward automatically generating further liquidity on Pancake Swap. This is beneficial for the long term growth of all dexIRA holders.

Anti Whale Dumps

Any transactions that trade more than 0.1% of the total supply will be rejected. This ensures that whales will not be able to exit at one time and bring down the price of the coin.


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