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DefPace (DP) is a brand that aims to offer a wide variety of play-to-earn NFT games on a single platform. Bridging the gap between NFT gaming and current industry.
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Распределение токенов
Play-to-Earn Rewards - 30%

Development and Vesting - 15%

Liquidity Pool - 25%

Pre-sale - 10%

Reserved - 10%

Team Wallet - 10%
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О проекте DefPace

The first game to be released will be called 'Alien Wipeout', a simple click-and-earn game that will ease our investors into the world of NFT gaming. This will then be followed by additional action-packed games with more dynamic gameplay, more information will be disclosed closer to their release. Check out our roadmap for further details!

DefPace will release NFT collectible characters that will be used within our games. The characters are generated with a level system, basic cards range from level 1 to 3. Legendary cards will be obtainable in the future and these will be level 4.

The power, accuracy, and rewards generated by each character will scale depending on their level.

Below we have an example of the NFTs that you'll be able to receive when you purchase one of our character packs using our $DPACE token.


Balanced Ecosystem

Rewards are designed to be balanced

Games Platform

Multiple play-to-earn games on one platform

Unique NFTs

Artwork is designed with passion and intention

Complete Lore

Full story created with continuity between games

NFT Marketplace

Player-based marketplace to buy and sell NFTs

No Fees

Buying and selling DPACE token is free of charge

DefPace Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • DefPace team expansion
    In-house planning of development & growth
    Talent scouting for artists & developers
    DPACE token deployment
  • Phase 2

  • Launch social media accounts
    Establish partnerships & promotions
    Litepaper & Roadmap release
    DPACE token pre-sale
    Limited edition legendary NFT sale
  • Phase 3

  • DPACE official launch on a DEX
    Launch first NFT play-to-earn game
    Launch in-house NFT marketplace
    Begin development of 2nd NFT game
    CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko applications
    Design 2nd edition characters
  • Phase 4

  • Initiate legal protocols to protect assets
    Further DefPace team expansion
    Limited edition NFT 'Spaceship' sale
    Begin DefPace iOS & Android app development
    Release 2nd edition characters
    'KRONS' in-game currency announcement
    In-game events and boss design
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  • Phase 5

  • 2nd game targeted release
    Full implementation of 'KRONS' currency
    Release 3rd edition characters
    Discontinue 1st edition characters from packs
    In-game boss event
    CEX listing research
    Audit application
  • Phase 6

  • 3rd game planning & development
    Release 4th edition characters
    Legendary (level 4) fusion implementation
    Legendary card giveaway


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